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Call of Duty: Mobile esports tournament gets $1m prize pool

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Prize pool share of 1 million USD to register for the competition for World Championships

Step 1. Download and install call of duty mobile

It's on for both Android and Apple. App store and play store.

Step 2. Create account or link any social.

Step 3. Reach level 10 to be able to play Ranked match.

Step 4. Locate ranked match then click world championships click register then next 10 matches are towards qualify you need 80 points.

Good luck for the qualifiers.

is to qualify for the tournament, it is something Activision decides to host. This year and the reward is a prize of 1mUSD.

I will update this thread when I come across new information stay safe everyone.




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I have finally made it to stage 2 and we already started a squad time to win the 30 matches and proceed to the 3rd stage wish us luck

Team Mirusubeters



Call of duty mobile


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Also for those who want to watch my friend stream his Facebook.com/Runeline

Ign kelaby

Follow and add him thanks much love

Cod mobile live


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