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    1. Animal Crossing: New Horizons has a huge future ahead, and it can keep long the status of best Animal Crossing title. Players love New Horizons every passing day. In addition, ACNH completed a highly successful year, creating a huge group fan base.

      Nintendo brings regular updates to make the game more user-friendly. Many veterans aren't pleased with Nintendo's success this year. Developers aren't making game-changing changes like last year, they claim.

      Why is Animal Crossing not enjoyable like last year?
      New Horizons has been the subject of players' attention since launch. However, some veterans now believe the New Horizons is having a rough time.

      The explanation is that players lack new material. New Horizons had banger revenues in 2020, for which many of its users had high hopes. Nintendo, however, couldn't live up to all those standards this year. Many users wanted Nintendo to impress them with the one-year anniversary update of the games, but these hopes remained unfulfilled.

      Many players hoped during the 1.09 update and assumed that the next update would be 2.0. They assumed the forthcoming update would be game-changing and shift the current game's entire dynamics. Games, however, received a fresh 1.10 update with a bunch of returning activities. If buy the Animal Crossing items, the game will be better. 

      All returning events disturb and angry many veterans. They are having all the old mechanics cases. Nintendo just updates the rewards scheme or returning event length, which is no longer enough to draw the interest of the old players. A big update for New Horizons may be on the way, as at this stage, developers just don't want to annoy their fans.

      Technically, Nintendo can just avoid giving regular updates and still increase its sales revenues. It doesn't need all the hard work, but developers also bring updates as they can't upset their fans. Most definitely we'll see an update of several old characters from New Leaf-like Tortimer, Kapp'n, and Brewster.

    2. The Cave

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      So I thought it appropriate to start a blog. I think it'd be easier than creating posts at random and it'd better allow me to collect my mind's ramblings.

      I was a blogger for a little while and maintained one to keep up with daily life, minimalism/essentialism, art, film and other random subjects inbetween. Thankfully, I'm not really going to write about any of that here. I'll probably post about whatever's big on my twitter feed or look to crowdsource info on animes, movies. 

      That said, this post is going to stay short. I'll write more when my brain has, well, more to regurgitate. 



      I suppose I should hang my head in shame for how little I post here on this forum, but I'm trying to be active when I can be. I know said forum has a discord.. but alas, that link is very broken. 

    3. Yesterday was Christmas! And I would like to wish every one a Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays too!

      Before Christmas, everything including work and some personal issues have been weighing me down, but a short Christmas break has been great! I took some time off the things that would make me feel stressed or uneasy. Since the virus here is Melbourne has settled down, and we don't have any local cases anymore, I've been spending some time with my friends. We also celebrated Christmas early, and we will probably meet up again soon.

      This year has honestly been great for me. I got to spend everyday at home, without having to get outside. No one I knew personally got the virus, so it was a relief for me. I got more time to catch up with the anime I dropped, and I also got into a new fandom which is not my favourite fandom/series. You can try guess what it is judging on some of my past posts on this website 😛

      What about everyone? Have this year been great to you? Did you have plans for Christmas? Any future plans?

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      Do you think that Demon Slayer Corps is sounds a lil' bit modern? 

    4. There is always one anime that really stands out to you, that really makes a difference to you. There's always one show that you want everybody to watch and love just as much as you do (if not more). That show for me is Steins;Gate
      I remember a few years ago, when i first watched it i was mesmerized by the show. It dragged me in and completely hooked me from episode 1. 

      Since then, I have watched this show countless and countless of times, it never losing its appeal. It still makes me want to cry, gives me goosebumps, and puts me on the edge of my seat. I catch new things I missed in previous watchings almost every time I rewatch it. 

      I feel that Steins;Gate is so underappreciated and not nearly as popular as it should be. There must've been so much thought and time put into creating such a complete masterpiece. It really delves deep into topics not usually presented in anime and takes it above and beyond what I would have expected.


      Steins;Gate is originally a visual novel game that was later adapted into an anime. I didn't play the actual visual novel till years later after I had already rewatched the show a few times. The visual novel, obviously, is much more complex and explains things in a much deeper way.
      OKAY, so, you are all probably wondering.. "What is it even about Rini?" Well, don't worry! I will explain that now!!

      Steins;Gate takes place in Akihabara, Japan following the story of main character Okabe Rintaro (whom likes to be called "Hououin Kyouma!"). Okabe is a self proclaimed 'mad scientist' who runs his own lab with two friends Mayuri and Daru. There he creates tons of mostly useless experiments. One day, however, he accidentally steps into territory that should not be stepped in. He accidentally creates a time machine. Given the opportunity to stop research or continue, he continues. 
      This glorious anime sheds light as to what the horrors of time travel would be and what it could lead to. It makes use of the Butterfly Effect, separate world lines, etc. As you follow Okabe through this intense story-line, you watch as he descends into TRUE madness (not his self proclaimed madness). I cannot stress enough how incredible of a show this is. It can be a tad slow at the start, but it really sets off around episode 12 or so and it's nonstop from that point on. 

      I want more people to give this show the chance it deserves, as its just entirely underrated. will put links below for more info



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    • Esuriey

      play genshin, draw genshin. I am in genshin hell. 
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    • Esuriey

      Just as an update; all of my art related social media pages should only be followed if you are 18+. There will occasionally be borderline NSFW content of different varieties. ( This is relatively new, but I'm venturing into.. well, new territory and thought I'd offer a warning, in advance ). Some of the stuff will be violence related ( blood, gore, injuries in general ), others more in-the-bedroom-behind-closed-doors related ( naked butts, things like that ). When I'm more comfortable with the particular style I've picked up, I'll be offering commissions for interested parties. More information will be provided in the future. 
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    • Esuriey

      Sorry I'm not the most active! I'm getting back into the swing of things. I've had some work to catch up on and commissions to complete. :, )
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    • Esuriey

      PM me for my discord or check my 'About Me' section. I finally rejoined and I'm going to do my best to be active. Also, mods, I did attempt to join the server for this site -- the invite link is invalid. :[ 
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    • Cure Nightcore

      if i was not on i am very sorry since this virus came it had tooken all my fun away from me from here. please forgive me
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    • Hush Child -
      I absolutely loved this anime, and I grew up with this. The art style's unique, and anime's suitable for any age, children to adults. I was really happy when I found out that this anime was going to continue, to Atashinchi Shin.
    • Hush Child -
      The anime is very good overall. Unique concept, good art, great characters, and many more. The anime has a very cool story, but doesn't show too much plot, just some mind blowing brain twisters and stuff. I was really sad to know that the group that animated No Game No Life will not animate a sequel (basically season 2), but I was glad when I heard that another group will continue the anime, though I am not sure of this is a rumour, or really real. Overall, 4.5 out of 5, but I can't vote 4.5 lol
      the best anime and game in the same time and I advise to watch it and play it #the_king_of_fighters_series_is_the_best 😉
    • Esuriey -
      This is one of the first animes I ever watched and its what got me hooked. CSS can be a little hard to follow if you aren't familiar with CLAMP's method of story telling and character development, but is overall a charming series. Its got pretty visuals and good continuity, so you don't feel like you're being tossed around story-wise. If you're not wanting to sit through a very long run, though, the books are a wonderful alternative. Just as pretty, well done and there are some parts that aren't
    • Esuriey -
      Azumanga, an anime full of your typical stereotypes and slice of life moments that surprisingly fit in well. I remember watching this series when I was younger and always got a kick out of it. Very funny and perfect for when you don't know what you want to watch. My only complaint is some of the music they use in the background, but it can be easily overlooked in favor of the wonderful seiyuus/VAs. 
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