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Hi everyone,

  • You have come to the right place a step closer and you will be able to set up google adsense on your website to begin please follow the steps contact me if you need additional help.

Step 1. Make sure your have a Gmail account to sign up for google adsense and to assign your domain to it you would need to have purchase a domain there are many platforms you can purchase this, it is worth it in the long run, my first domain is now 7 years old, paying 8.99 USD a year( if i wanted to sell my domain I would make profit) that's because .com domains are more expensive. There are domains that are one dollar or thousands of dollars.. 

Step 2.Once you have purchased the domain you would need to know what is name servers are when that is out of the way you can modify them upon the next step ( make sure to keep note of your accounts Domain registrar, Cpanel hosting and google adsense however some websites offer domain + hosting on the same website or providers.

Step 3. This may take a few days for google to validate your domain with your google adsense once you enter in the code on your website, depending on what software you use for your website I do recommend Invision Community they offer self hosted or cloud hosting, cloud hosting is monthly payment they will take care of the hosting(limited users per month depending on which plan you choose) you will be provided with the login details, self hosted is you will have to purchase third party hosting to be able to host the software and you can do exactly what you want to do on the cloud hosting however you only pay for renewal every 6 months save a lot of money I have been there started with cloud hosting then move to self hosting was huge difference and  thankfully the support team on Invision Community were super helpful .If you want to save money in the process I would go with any cpanel I currently use Namecheap paid for yearly that had a sale cost me 10-$20 at that time that includes shared hosting, I have to admit it is decent they offer free software to install for your websites such as wordpress  and phpbb and others they are so easy to install and when you do install wordpress for example it becomes easy for you to add the html code provided from google adsense to verify and validate the code on your website for you to start earning from google adsense.

Step 4. Now you should be able to see ads displayed on your website or blog when I used google adsense being a noob I just went with auto on my google adsense accounts its simple let google take care of displaying the ads but I figured I rather try out unit ads to place them where I desire turns out in my opinion I earn more but if you don't want that just leave it on auto display google ads, also there are options to block what sort of ads to be displayed that is important .Remember to login to your google adsense often to see if you are progressing.. 

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