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  1. Welcome back 

  2. Hi. Its been a long time since I've written here and I no longer have time to maintain all of my profiles. Mods/staff have permission to remove my account if thats possible. I am working FT as an artist and trying to manage my own business pages + discord server. If you'd like to get in touch with me, I am zfangarts on twitter. 

  3. I finally have enough time on my hands to consider applying/accepting a staff/mod position, if y'all are still needing folks.
  4. Your thoughts on Blustacks vs Nox? Both have okay UIs, but I'm curious about your thoughts on what's under the hood.
  5. What have you been watching that's come out this year? What would you say is the best? I'm looking for recs! 😄
  6. Esuriey


    Hey, thank ya! I try to be active where I can, these days. 🙂 It easier since I'm currently working from home! I'll keep an eye out!
  7. Esuriey


    So I thought it appropriate to start a blog. I think it'd be easier than creating posts at random and it'd better allow me to collect my mind's ramblings. I was a blogger for a little while and maintained one to keep up with daily life, minimalism/essentialism, art, film and other random subjects inbetween. Thankfully, I'm not really going to write about any of that here. I'll probably post about whatever's big on my twitter feed or look to crowdsource info on animes, movies. That said, this post is going to stay short. I'll write more when my brain has, well, more to regurgitate. ps; I suppose I should hang my head in shame for how little I post here on this forum, but I'm trying to be active when I can be. I know said forum has a discord.. but alas, that link is very broken.
  8. Hi all! I've been away for a while and I'm happy to be back again. (,: So let's talk about how our years have been thus far. Some people I talked to were pretty optimistic about 2021 while others weren't. Did you have high hopes for this year and have these past few months lived up to those? Have things improved? What did you learn while the world was in lockdown ( or still is )?
  9. I don't see the point of the curriculums they have set up, now. A lot of schools have omitted recess, arts related classes, even those encompassing music. Nor do I see the point of homework.. I had to sit 7-8hrs ( not including lunch or time for snacks ) for school because I went to a private academy and we didn't follow the traditional format that the majority of schools did. I remember nothing from highschool. If anything, I retained more from my college years than I ever did any grade school year.
  10. So I hibernated, spent time working on my twitter to get it up and going again, then forgot half the sites I had accounts on. Oops. I thought I'd share some of my latest work here ( y'all need to share yours work, too! I haven't seen anyone post anything since the last time I did! ) before I forget to again. All recent stuff from the past couple of weeks/months. (,: I cringe looking at my past posts..
  11. play genshin, draw genshin. I am in genshin hell. 

  12. Thank you both, lol! There's a lot of qualms I have with these pieces, now that I look back at them and as my own harshest critic, I'd probably can them if they weren't already slapped all over my social media accounts. I need to do more studies, I think, but I've got plenty of time for that in the new year! Also, Merry Xmas to you guys if you celebrate!
  13. Just as an update; all of my art related social media pages should only be followed if you are 18+. There will occasionally be borderline NSFW content of different varieties. ( This is relatively new, but I'm venturing into.. well, new territory and thought I'd offer a warning, in advance ). Some of the stuff will be violence related ( blood, gore, injuries in general ), others more in-the-bedroom-behind-closed-doors related ( naked butts, things like that ). When I'm more comfortable with the particular style I've picked up, I'll be offering commissions for interested parties. More information will be provided in the future. 

  14. Hey, this is rad! Its always hard to find cosplay items ( clothing, props or otherwise ) of decent quality, so its always nice when you get a gem. :,) Since this post was put up a while ago, have you gotten any other parts to the outfit, yet?
  15. Man, do I feel awkward posting two topics in a row. Even if they are over a month apart. I thought I'd post a couple of things I've recently finished, since drawing is about all I've done. I quit with the blogging thing, so art has taken up most of my non-existent schedule. Yeah,I'm working on the whole posing thing. I swear I am. >_>; Exhibit A is Johann Chu / Zihang Chu ( Dragon Raja ) and Exhibit B is Zhongli ( Genshin Impact ). On a side note: I wish more people posted their art here, I'd love to see what everyone else is working on or has finished up.
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