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  1. I was in Amsterdam we (4 of my mates inc. me) went into the Grasshopper, we all like to show off when it comes to rolling, we did a windmill, a 10 spliff shotgun, a back-flipped blunt, and i did an OZ pure Tulip it was fuckin' huge we smoked the windmill 1st everyone was coughing it was so hot lol, after 5 or 6 JD n Cokes later we slow toked on this NY Diesal Bf'd Blunt my eyes ballooned up with propper chink-eye and I could hear my heart beating in my ears and lost all sense of balance, we decided to take a seat with some American lads, to toke n share stories they were noobs.. they'd bought
  2. Let's hear your story. Here's mine I had a nice 2 ft straight tube Grav Labs honeycomb i think it was $70. I was smoking outside at night and set it next to the brick wall of my house on my left side. I went to get up and ended up kicking it into the wall which shattered the top half and broke the bowl. I was really high cuz when i smoke i like to get fucked up.
  3. damn i didn't know most of these celbs where stoners LMFAO
  4. I know what you mean because i do the same just before i enter the gym i smoke 2bowls
  5. what's Goood My brother 🌿✂️😂

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