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  1. I was in Amsterdam we (4 of my mates inc. me) went into the Grasshopper, we all like to show off when it comes to rolling, we did a windmill, a 10 spliff shotgun, a back-flipped blunt, and i did an OZ pure Tulip it was fuckin' huge we smoked the windmill 1st everyone was coughing it was so hot lol, after 5 or 6 JD n Cokes later we slow toked on this NY Diesal Bf'd Blunt my eyes ballooned up with propper chink-eye and I could hear my heart beating in my ears and lost all sense of balance, we decided to take a seat with some American lads, to toke n share stories they were noobs.. they'd bought pre rolled skunk and some other stuff that was fag heavy (cigerette), we blew our trails into the ash tray from the blunt and i took out this huge motherfucker Tulip, an Ounce + some chocolate tasting Hash and thc crystals from all of our space cases, crystal trays, it smelt hardcore before we even lit it! Everyone was intimidated including us ..the biggest tulip before that we'd ever smoke was a Q, lol, so with out further delay i rotated this bitch in my lips and fired it up it was a thick creamy hit with thc streaming out it smelt like Lemonade and Sherbert infused with superb quality bud (no tabboco) we passed it left and everyone except this fat 'super-Hippy' (flares, flower deco shirt, long curly hair, bandana etc) took a hit, we passed it to this hippy guy he was real crazy like! he'd say things like man...it like an ocean of love in here, lol, and talk about his presumably made up weed stories like an acid trip with visuals lol, anyhow, he gets peer pressured into a lungfull lol and he gags THROWS UP LOL, all over the table catches his breath after several minutes and exclaimed "thats a ONE-TOKER" lol, i laughed my ass off his puked was all on the table and the look on everyones blitzed faces were an absolute picture lol, the bar/bud man from the other side of the Cafe starts coughing loudly and calls out SMOKEY SMOKEY, and goes to the door and opens it allowing fresh air in, we had bonged out the whole cafe with this king kong sized Tulip the bar dude turns around to see this fat deluded hippy still dribbling with a projectile vomit trail in front of him lol, and says the same thing ONE TOKER EH? lol, and throws the dude out, we left after but was laughing about it all night. funny shit
  2. Let's hear your story. Here's mine I had a nice 2 ft straight tube Grav Labs honeycomb i think it was $70. I was smoking outside at night and set it next to the brick wall of my house on my left side. I went to get up and ended up kicking it into the wall which shattered the top half and broke the bowl. I was really high cuz when i smoke i like to get fucked up.
  3. damn i didn't know most of these celbs where stoners LMFAO
  4. I know what you mean because i do the same just before i enter the gym i smoke 2bowls
  5. what's Goood My brother 🌿✂️😂

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