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Kitchen and toilet as a special place in the home, so we will pay special attention to both places when decorating. So, kitchen as a place of food, how to decorate it better? See what kind of tile your kitchen will suit.


1If you don't know how to choose kitchen tiles, try the following types of tiles


1. Integral brick

The surface specific force of ceramic tile is rough, and the anti-skid effect is better than the force. The surface particles are small and have strong ability of sand control. The whole brick also has the advantages of solid material and wear resistance. Its decorative effect is very natural and often used in kitchen, passageway and other places. However, all bricks have too high water absorption, and sludge with holes under the surface is easy to absorb dirt.


2. Thin tile

Thin tiles are divided into two types: matte and lubricated, suitable for Asia thin tiles such as kitchen. Thin ceramic tile has various shapes, can make various patterns, and the decoration effect is good. It has the advantages of handkerchief stubborn, anti slip and so on. Its wear-resistant function is not as good as ceramic tile lubrication, but it can meet the daily needs of the family. However, there may be color differences, pinholes, etc.


3. Mosaic

Mosaic design is small and exquisite, and its colors are various. Can be made into various fine patterns, decorative effect is good. Mosaic tiles also have the advantages of wear-resistant, acid and alkali resistance, moisture-proof, antiskid and so on. It is suitable for the kitchen to be empty. But there are many gaps in the mosaic, which is not easy to clean.


2What should be noticed in selecting kitchen tiles


1. On the selection of colors

When choosing kitchen tiles, the light color is white, the light color is yellow. The lighter is the best. Light colored tiles are easy to clean because they are prone to exposure to kitchen and toilet dirt. Tiles wider than thin tiles can be seen in the kitchen.


2. On the selection of dimensions

When selecting kitchen tiles, try to select tile with smaller size. If large-scale tiles are laid from kitchen, cutting if necessary, there will be a sense of incongruity, and the adverse effects of waste tiles, and the adverse effects of small area under the kitchen and larger size of tiles.


3. On the selection of tile function

Kitchen smoke is also more, wet, when choosing kitchen tiles, clean and non slip, choose Tile easy to slip will be better.

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