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Quit smoking attempt #4

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Hi everyone just wanted to let you know if I can do it so can you this is going to be my fourth attempt of quitting smoking noctine highly addictive substance, huge medical changes happen as soon as 20 minutes of your last, it's been day 5 and I feel like I can breathe unlikely living on constantly need a fix of smoke, depending on how you react to the craves or who influenced you to quit is essential to not get back into the habit again be warned once you try again don't fall for the same mistake. If you make it past 3 days try to keep going until a week and so on until you turn craves into realization of what you have been putting into your body is not beneficial nor healthy in anyway. The ability to taste and breathe improves dramatically, physical activities such as walking become more easier and posture improves . You'd gain more time back instead of smoking and wasting your breathe for nothing natural, I believe anyone can be successful in this all you have to do is have faith and believe in why you are doing this and your self is key.

For those who haven't smoked I salute you. Do not and never do it's trash. 

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Quick update I have made it into week 2 and I had experienced some stress and headache, maybe withdrawals too, I cough and sneeze a lot, that clearly shows I'm getting past phase two.

Phase three: would be 1 month ()


Phase four: 3 months (Not reached)

Hashtags  #quitsmoke #quitenow

Smoking kills

Smoking is not worth it

Time is cure!

Don't smoke 

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