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Covid 19

Aka Coronavirus disease want to know everyone's thoughts if that want to share feel free to comment below.

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Conspiracy theory regarding Covid 19!

Coronavirus is man made and everyone from single country at least is benefiting from it.

Why do I believe this conspiracy?

Middle of the night browsing what to purchase for my gaming setup to get me by, I saw a strange email topic "MyGov" that was not from any known sources  in my country after quick look at the email it shows it's Indian government, decided to look further. It wasn't somthing new I know similar thing it was for an application familiar(Covidsafe app)  to the country I live.  I loaded up the url "from" @no reply.sampark.gov.in. so I decided to read and was impressed India has already 75 million downloads on their app called setu they all have a similarity worldwide on how they will collect data and operate, I wont get Into Google or Apple figuring a way to connect and collect then control the world apps together. That could be all for multi trillion industry AI ( artificial intelligence ) that can be using real life personal data for robots etc. Just imagine building lots of those robots and uses that data I wonder what will happen.


To begin I have thought about this when I began to include Artificial intelligence, we all know what that is however if the real reason was to use a deadly bi weapon that is highly contagious to dismantle the rights of humans to force and trace and monitor their every move, China is already doing that the application is mandatory, any venue you enter there is Qr codes scanned?

They will collect the data use it for AI if you calculate the amount of people who have a choice to download or not to is probably half of worlds population but hey it doesn't matter they are already successful those who are responsible for this had already taken precautions maybe planned this 3 years ago? I mean  they were slowly introducing the fact that AI will eventually do most of the work.   2017 study prediction  by 2030 you would lose your job to AI. now we already  have.

To sum it up countries all around the world are somewhat synchronous and will start to open up again. at last they have it all mission is completed?

after all they introduced a way so obvious that people like me will question hm interesting what's next I guess we now just wait and see. Stay safe @Conspiracy theories 

Reference https://www.google.com/amp/s/theconversation.com/amp/how-coronavirus-set-the-stage-for-a-techno-future-with-robots-and-ai-136475

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