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Hey. Everyone differs. Is there really a"right" way to kill something? In my view, just hit them with your best weapon and equipment, while fostering! But then again, I have never killed one. Just cancel what is toughest and/or what annoys you. Why maintain a task that's slow? I'd cancel Black demons. Heard these are poor. Kalphites are quick and will get you a few quick slayer points. Not necessarily slayer experience, but nevertheless, it's a quick job.Back to Magic: Cast superheat to level 55, subsequently cast High Alchemy to level 59. Fishing: Catch whatever fish you can in your level. Fly Fishing is the fastest way to train your Fishing, but not the most profitable. For gain lobsters(at level 40) and Swordfish(at level 50) are better. Cooking: Cook the fish you caught. Or you may purchase some fish . Woodcutting+Firemaking: Chop trees that you can at your own level and OSRS gold burn the logs that you get. As soon as you get to level 30, you can chop willow trees. I'd suggest sticking with these to level 52. Once you get into a higher level, kill spiders, 1 floor down. They shed large bones which are good cash.

Helm Lardar:"Secondly, you appear to have some odd goals to get a non-member." Anyone who's confused with Shree Sairam's aims: the stats wanted are virtually Salmoneus' stats. That is why at first glance they seem so perplexing. To Shree Sairam: Should you want to earn money in Runescape, what you need to RuneScape gold buy understand how to make money with abilities (fishing, mining, woodcutting) and to realize that there are money-losing skills (cooking, smithing).


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