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⚠⚠Warning, content talks about themes of suicide and bullying, and SPOILERS!!! ⚠⚠



In the anime fandom, there are many AUs (Alternative Universes), and a lot of them are quite interesting. Some of my favourite ones are: Villain Deku (MHA), Suicidal Deku (MHA), and Demon Tanjiro (Demon Slayer). All these AUs explore topics evolving around friendship, and betrayals (I'm a sucker for juicy drama and tearjerkers).

In the Villain Deku AU, when Bakugo tells Midoriya to just jump of the roof in the very beginning of the anime/manga, Midoriya says, "You're right.", unlike the original story. He then jumps off the school rooftop, but doesn't die. Then, some members of League of Villains find his body and takes him to their hideout. When Midoriya wakes up, the League of Villains gives him an offer to join the League, and a quirk (from All for One, or is All for One). He then joins, and you can see him in all the scenes and battles involving League of Villains, such as U.S.J and Forest Training Camp. There is also an arc dedicated to him kidnapping Melissa. Then, he gets captured somehow, and is held in prison. His mother comes to visit him and tells him about his father and the pain they've both been through, then tells him that she'll always be by his side till the end, no matter what, even if he's become a villain. Midoriya then breaks out of prison, and goes back to the League, but since he heard what his mother told him, he couldn't stop grieving. In the end, he realises what he's done, and locks himself in a room with explosives, which were intended to blow up something the heroes value (such as UA academy or some sort of object), he attempts to save everyone, while Bakugo is outside the room, banging on the door, crying; then the explosive goes off and Midoriya dies. ;-; 😭😭

Then, in the Suicidal Deku AU, it starts off the same, with Bakugo telling Midoriya to jump (he did this in the end of the story section, making the readers think he successfully killed himself). However, this time, he is saved by normal people, and brought to the hospital. Then, Bakugo goes to the hospital some time after (probably after when Bakugo is attacked by the slime villain, as he is seen with a broken arm), and attempts to return the notebook he previously thrown out the window (also happens in anime/manga) to Midoriya, but Midoriya refuses, giving him a cold stare. Then after a while when they've both recovered, Bakugo attempts to give Midoriya the notebook again, but he once again refuses, shoving the notebook back to him, telling him that he had enough of this bullsh*t, and it hurts him that Bakugo only notices him after a suicide attempt. This also signals the end of the story, as Midoriya has lost the ambition to become an Hero anymore. ;-; 😭😭

Finally, the Demon Tanjiro AU. This one has spoilers for the manga. In the end of the story, when Muzan takes over Tanjiro to continue his legacy, Tanjiro isn't able to resist as Muzan is too strong. He then becomes a full demon that is immune to the sun, Then, the remaining surviving Demon Slayer Corps escape the scene. Only two Hashiras are still alive, and less than half of all the Demon Slayer Corps are still remaining. Then, when Tanjiro slowly regained consciousness and sanity, he started making people demons, like Muzan, and he made his own army of demons; while the Demon Slayer Corps were back to recuiting as much people as possible, and to train the people as hard as they can. Zenitsu and Inosuke are promoted to Hashiras, and many other people were as well. After a while, Tanjiro starts a battle, and attacks the Corps, and the Demon Sayer Corps fight back. At this point the whole world has learnt about the demons, and the Demon Slayer Corps became governmental recognised. In the end, Tanjiro sees his sister, and he either turns back into human, or he sacrifices himself (it depends on different interpretations by different people). ;-; 😭😭


See the source image1240132055_Screenshot(86).thumb.png.148bf6d3fa73a217ad2f3ef77042072f.pngSee the source image


Well I do realise I wrote a lot, but it was fun taking time off work writing these. I guess my high school years weren't wasted 😂😂

If you want to, tell me about some of your favourite AUs! You can make them up if you want to too!

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