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I would rather have master armament haki, then I can combat with a sword and cut everything 😛.

However, if I can have any powers, I would have Zoan Devil fruit of Cerberus (i wanted the nine-tail fox but it's taken by Devon. I want nine tails over three heads lol) and all of the Haki. Conqueror's haki is not trainable tho, so maybe I can find the conqueror's haki slowly in me.

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If I was to have ability it would be the The Op-Op Fruit I believe it is a one of the most powerful ability in one piece you can switch a yonkos mind with one of his weaker followers, then kill him, you can cut straight through haki armor and teleport his enemy, you can probably win any fight just by teleporting a devil fruit users in to water.

But if I was to choose ability it would be to manipulate time and space. Let me tell you why you can do all these: Space-Time Rift, Black Hole Creation, White Hole Creation, Dimensional Travel, Teleportation, Time Travel, Age Manipulation, Teleportation, Flash-Forward/backwards in time, Time Slicing and much more possibilities but I saved the best for last Empty Your Netflix/Anime Queue list, there’s never enough screen time. 😁👍🏻




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