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Roblox is a very unique game. It is more like a mass-server that features creation of people, rather than a simulation like MineCraft. A lot of people compare them and talk about the two games together when they are nothing alike. People say Roblox copied MineCraft, when roblox was created 7 years before MineCraft was. Sure, the mechanics and the sprites are similar, but they are quite different.

The game is not bad overall, but it is only good if there are good games. There are, in fact, some quite good games on Roblox, all genres. Horror, mystery, action, simulations, and anime stuff. In fact, the anime games are the most popular ones, such as Anime Fighting, Ro-Ghoul, Heroes Online, Demon Slayer rpg, Loomian Legacy, A Bizarre Day, King Piece.... etc. There are also some horror/thriller/action/mystery games that I played for a while, such as Murder Mystery, Breaking Point... etc. Even though I a pretty much over the game by now and have stopped playing for a while, it still has a place in my heart, since it's been with me since when I was a kid. The game's been around for 16 years, and I started playing when I was 9. Back then, the graphics, controls, and the animations were very different, and it's quite incredible how it's improved so much over the years.

This game is perceived as a childish and game of cringe, but I want to take this game seriously, and not see this as a game where 9yo kids flex on the games and insult everyone worse than them. Those are the most annoying.

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