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One Piece's Ending

Hush Child

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Oda has confirmed the ending of One Piece, but he says that the anime will probably go on for at least another 5 years, though may extend to another 10 years. This means that One Piece is finally coming to an end (even though 5 years are technically still very long lol). Even though I honestly don't want One Piece to ever end, it should come to an end, and also should all animes. Without an ending, a story cannot be considered a story or adventure, but just an incomplete tale. However, should the series end earlier? Or should it keep on going, for another 20 years? Should it have ended a long time ago? Should there be a prequel that continues the legacy of One Piece, like how Boruto continues Naruto?

What I think is, One piece should come to an end but I would like a prequel, like the child of Luffy, or like another child who luffy meets, and luffy gives the kid his straw hat, thus continuing the legacy of the hat. Or, a spin-off series that is dedicated to Joy Boy, Gol D. Roger or Shanks... et cetera. The ending for a single series should be that the straw hats find the one piece and live happily ever after, or they don't find the one piece, but the new kid continues the dream. I do not want the treasure to be some bullshit like "fRiEnDshIp Is ThE uLtImAtE tReAsUrE" and that is just lame. I hope the one piece to either be a treasure that has the value of the whole world, a special power (kinda like One for All in My Hero Academia), or some sort of mythical creature or long lost being, et cetera, even immortality or to become a god. This is my view, what about yours?


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