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Demon Slayer, Kimetsu no Yaba

Hush Child

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I thought the manga Demon Slayer was great. It had a great opening that jumped to the point deliberately, instead of dragging like most stories, which makes it good and unique, thus memorable. I also love how the manga makes us pity the demons, by making their backstories super sad, and sometimes exaggerated because it not sad literally, such as the daughter of the spider family. Her story is not sad at all if you think about it, but the manga exaggerated it to make it quite eventful. I also loved the ending, even though I would've rather that Tanjiro stayed a demon and the story continues until he turns back after an other big fight or smth, that would've made me be on edge more and make the story more adventurous. The beginning of the final fight was a little rushed and I would've like it a little more dragged and explained. The deaths were sad, but confusing, and I didn't even realise that only two Hashiras survived until they said so, so it would've been better if it was explained better. But in conclusion, I loved the manga and honestly wished they continued it. (I know they are making an spin-off manga on sengoku)

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