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One Piece: Return to the Sea

Hush Child

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Chapter 1: The Beginning of a Legend

Monkey D. Luffy has become the infamous pirate king. He and his crew are known to everyone on earth. However, that was all 30 years ago. Luffy's crew has become too old to inspire anyone anymore, though they were still in their 50s and 60s. During Luffy’s thirty’s, he had his first child with an unknown woman. Luffy would tell his child that his mother died giving birth to him whenever he asked, but Luffy’s child would never believe him. What kind of mother would die giving birth to a son? He has honestly never heard of a case like that before. However, that is not true. A woman from Jackson’s Harbour died after giving birth to a boy, who then died in an accident many years later. Therefore, Luffy would always reply to his son with one word, “Bullshit”.


“Thee shalt not becometh a most wondrous pirate and rule the w'rld! Thee naughty mushroom!”

“Is the mushroom part necessary?”

“Thee insolent potato!”

“You know what, just give up. You can never do an accurate impression of Robin.”

Stede gave Usopp a disappointed look. Usopp would always do some sort of impression during their breaks. Usopp was good at his job and pulled accurate faces, but Stede could never do it. Stede had never been good with faces. Like his dad, he always pouts whenever he lies, and they can never keep straight faces.

“You even got the speech wrong. Robin doesn’t use formal language all the time.” Usopp shook his head. “You have to go, ‘I hope they’re not filled with bullets’ or ‘I hope they don’t fall into a trap and turn into mushrooms’” Usopp squinted and dilated his pupil. Stede sees his impression and placed his hand on his forehead. “Har-de-har-har-har.”

Stede leaves Usopp and walks out to the front deck of the ship. He looks down at Franky who’s on the mini-merry, preparing a small electric ship for Stede’s journey. The ship is based off a dolphin, with a decorative fin on the top, which is supposed to ‘keep the ship’s balanced’, or so Franky like to say. Nami’s sitting on the front of the deck, reading the Newspaper. She sees Stede on the deck and takes off her glasses. She walks over to him.

“Are you excited for your adventure?”

Stede stays quiet.

Nami sees this and walks away into the dorms, abandoning Stede and her newspaper which she left lying on the beach chair. The rest of the crew including Luffy seems to be in the kitchen or in their rooms. No one wants to see Stede leave, or rather, no one wants to see his face again.

“They’re not sorry.” Franky says to Stede.

Stede looks down again and sees that Franky is done with the ship.

“But worry not, me and Usopp will always stand by you no matter what.”

Stede looks at Franky.

“And Law.”

“And Law.”

So Stede sailed out to the vast sea just like that, accompanied with a log pose of the grand line. In the middle of nowhere, Stede sailed out to begin his adventure. Or rather, was abandoned by his father’s crew, and sailed out to seek his freedom.

A few days before he took off, his father clearly told him that he has his freedom and that he should set sail soon. Stede always wanted to set sail and find his own crew, so Nami told Stede to find her niece to join his crew and gave him a vivre card. Nami said that even though her niece’s dream is to become an ultimate marine and capture all the bad people excluding the Straw Hats because that’s where Nami is.

Oh. Scary.

Zoro says something about his younger cousin too, but ends up convincing Stede not to find him because the cousin holds a grudge against Zoro.


And after that, they all pretty much stopped talking to him and Franky started building an electric ship for him. Franky tried to keep the mood up as much as possible and doing funny decorations on the ship regularly to lighten the mood. Usopp tried doing the same, but he always ends up making Stede more depressed. Stede has no idea what happened, he’s totally clueless. He wants to speak up, but the tensions always seem to cut him off. In the end, he gave up and set his sight only on setting sail.

As he sailed away, Franky stayed at the deck and see the masterpiece of his slowly sail into the distance until the ship disappears into the wide ocean. It seemed like the water had no ends, and he felt so small.

The sky had grown dark when Stede travelled for a while. The sun is setting, at a rapid pace that it seemed like the sky could just instantly shut dark. In the distance he sees a big ship heading towards him. The ship grew bigger and bigger until it was right in front of him.


Stede heard this and instantly got prepared for battle. They want to steal his treasures even though he had none. A cannon was fired and the next moment he knew, the ship was destroyed to pieces. Everything than Franky has done for him as a goodbye, were destroyed, right before his eyes. Rage filled him up and he jump towards the big ship. He grabbed onto the cannon hole on the side and got into the ship, and in a matter of seconds, the big pirate ship was destroyed into pieces, just like his own ship. Before the pieces of the pirate ship began sinking, Stede grabbed a fishing boat that was at the bay of the ship and escaped from the scene. As he sailed away, he saw his crime scene in a distance. Not much of the ship is remaining floating, including the captain and some better fighters because they had devil fruit powers. Not very good ones though. The captain was able to turn his body thin as sheet and the first mate was able to turn into a pigeon. Not something that could defeat haki. That’s right, Stede could control haki very well, except for conqueror’s haki. Stede looked back at the ship that Franky built for his journey one more time and faced towards the front. That ship was too small anyway, way smaller than the fishing boat that he stole.

“That ship was small and decorated with dull tat anyway.” Stede tried to comfort himself by making excuses.

The log pose that Stede had broke along with his ship, but at least he still had the vivre card. He should go look for Nami’s niece and buy a new log pose. He lit a lamp that he took along when he destroyed the big ship. He also took some water and food. He should’ve taken more though, but the ship was sinking. It’s already amazing enough that he managed to carry this much with him when he was escaping. He also stole the clothes and some money of a man in the water when he sailed out on fishing boat. Savage. But for now, he’s too tired. He kept the lamp on and closed his eyes.

Stede was only 16 when he set sail, and this is how his adventure started. It was a mess.





Don't judge this is written a while ago and it's total cringe.

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On 10/1/2020 at 11:15 PM, anime4all said:

That is decent covers like 100 plus epsiodes 👌

Haha lol so tru a lot of long animes drag out stories for so long. One of the reasons why one piece is so long is because most of the fights and stuff are super dragged. 😂

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Guest Aaronset
Lol Pixar.....perfect.
Im still reading Claec. And if you stop before this thing is finished, I will hunt you down and hurt you. I am enjoying this
Keep up the awesome work
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