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Today marks the one year anniversary of Mr. Michael Lindsay's death and I wanted to pay tribute to him on here by remembering some of the work he has done in the past. 

So if you knew some anime series he was in and the character he voiced please list them here.


If you have ever met him in real life either at a convention or outside of a convention please also share your stories of him. 


I've only ever started going to conventions last year so sadly I have never met Mr. Michael Lindsay in person but have grew up with some anime series that he was apart of.

Kankuro - Naruto

Kankuro was one of my favorite characters in the series (along with Shikamaru & Choji). Mainly because he was quite a bit different than the other Shinobi. He fought using puppets and was pretty badass but wasn't a total douche about it. He said things point blank, he was focused and at times a pop of humor would sneak out. 

Kisuke Urahara - Bleach

Kisuke was/is a character in the anime called Bleach; another anime I grew up. While he wasn't one of my favorite characters in the series I recognized his voice from the Naruto series. Kisuke was portrayed as a owner of a small store that sold candy and Shinigami items in the human world but in the Shinigami realm he was recognized as the former captain of Squad 12th Division. So because of this he knows a lot about the ins and outs about Hollows, etc and helps out Ichigo a lot throughout the series.


I know a few more but would like to leave some for other people if they would like. (If you only watched subbed anime that's great but please don't be harsh on those who watch only Dubbed or are like me who watch both. I just happen to of watched these two series in dubbed because they didn't air subbed on cable).


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