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Hello everyone,

in this topic I will be sharing my tips for free about google AdSense and how it works best for many of us that have some free time there are some incredible amount of ways to earn money using the internet or to be specific using google AdSense. let me explain in summary what it is about firstly it is fully free to participate in and the required skill is not difficult plus if you do get stuck you can always  click here for this guide I will be also making a youtube video for a detail way to set up google adsense. basically because I have used google ads( pay google for your ad to be place for advertisement to promote your brand or niche & bring in traffic)  I have knowledge on how all this works, a few years ago I started a clothing brand and decide to use advertisement by signing up for google ads, for it to work successfully for you ads to be available to what your niche  is people with websites that have the keywords and use google adsense automatically get paid if your ad is placed there which is why it is important to choose the right niche works both ways for google adsense and google ads., what google does is that it works as the middle man well at least thats how i like to think of it to simplify it. 

  • Point two is it does not matter how many views or visitors you are getting unless you are using google adsense for youtube which is the way to go unless you want to start with a website there should be a way that users engage somehow to get higher results of clicks on ads placed on your site, blog  etc..

Thanks for reading hope this help.

if you would like to know more or have any questions comment below

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