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We all have been there first time using forums let me guide you on how to use the features we provide for all our users.

Once you have completed signup you are a step closer to accessing all our features and are able to communicate with the other members by starting a new topic or responding to other topics created by other members, want to chat in real time with other members we have created a discord channel the invite link is located below in the footer scroll all the way down and click on Discord  if you hover your mouse over on Discord you will be able to see it highlighted this will open a new tab/window  if you are new to discord you would need to sign up on that or use guest to chat in our discord server with members.🖥️                                                                                                                                                                                         

basically members can post topics in any sections or create topics and reply to other topics. they can like,share and private message other members and add them as friends.Members can add picture and background cover photo, they can select types of movies,anime, music and games they enjoy. 😀

Moving on with the other cool features such as Clubs, you can start you own clubs it is located on the top menus.  as well as blogs as the owner of your clubs or blog you need to be creative to make it stand out for members to join and you have options to make either public or private. there are many created already by members you can have an idea of what they are about and you are able to join only if they owner of the club or blog allows it some may already be open to the public.😁

My favourite feature of website has to be the Anime  located right besides the first menu forums scroll your mouse top of the page until it becomes highlighted click it takes you to the page full of anime from A - Z (and more coming) this gives you an idea of what anime to watch by members suggesting them and reviewing them each one has a short video trailer as well as description and stars to rate them.😃

If you are still reading then I wont hold you up for much longer the last 3 menus are self explanatory  Staff  is a list of the Moderators, Admins ect.. Members shop  to earn points by being active on the website once you have reach a lot of points you can use them to purchase unique badges or  Member titles to stand out in the website.Lastly the Calendar  anyone is welcomed to put things in there that are relevant to community.

Thanks 4 reading ✌️

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