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  1. Hello and welcome to the community, may I know how you find this community to know how we can contuine to use those methods to attract more members who are interstead as well we appreciate it a lot.
  2. So far so good love the theme!
  3. That would be cool super power to have, my super power is what ever I touch I can absorb into that way my defence would be powerful to fight against any villains and be the strongest super hero.
  4. Ali

    Titanfall 2

    I might check this game out but I would love to know what sort of game is it First person view or Third person view?
  5. welcome @{Ace Studoiz} You are awesome. By the way your username is so cool!😂
  6. welcome @Boneless Pizza I watched Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh when I was young but what got me back on anime was naruto and one piece.
  7. We are moving to fast which is great I will be making contributions to help ease with keeping this going thanks for your hard work we appreciate it.
  8. Mine would have to be Naruto Uzumaki, why? Because it was my first anime that lead me to contuine exploring anime thanks to Naruto ❤❤ My vote is yours to host the drawing contest. Good luck
  9. Hi, welcome to mirusubete this community is friendly people that also love anime. Congratulations on moderator.
  10. Do not advertise with the link/url as the header you will be banned
  11. Ali


    We need more of those paintings
  12. Guys for those who want to chat live visit the discord box below there's is a link to the discord. Thanks
  13. We need more of those happening haha
  14. Ali

    Forum games

    We should start a quize or some sort of game for the forums.
  15. Ali


    Thanks for the give away!
  16. Ali


    That's really nice what an amazing street graffiti
  17. Idk about mirusubete but I'm reading one peice
  18. Ali

    New forums!

    Can't wait for the theme
  19. For me, a feel good anime is one which I can get lost in, and maybe even emotionally wrecked from watching, some anime which have affected me are A Silent Voice, Orange and Your Name. What anime (if any) have emotionally wrecked you, and you still absolutely enjoyed it because of how much it affected you?
  20. Ali


    Worst feeling when you miss a workout whole week is ruined 😞
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