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  1. And I can also go back and play those matches and use the money that I spent on this game. This is a wholly new app, without the capacity to return and play this year and spend the money I spent cash on. Can you whine when they stop updating and providing you with new items to Mut 21 coins in the previous games? Therefore, while it's possible to spend your money nevertheless, why weren't you spending on the very same things as it was the current version? If this wasn't likely to happen this season, more than 6 months notice would have been nice. People have been stockpiling their own MC as the
  2. Hey. Everyone differs. Is there really a"right" way to kill something? In my view, just hit them with your best weapon and equipment, while fostering! But then again, I have never killed one. Just cancel what is toughest and/or what annoys you. Why maintain a task that's slow? I'd cancel Black demons. Heard these are poor. Kalphites are quick and will get you a few quick slayer points. Not necessarily slayer experience, but nevertheless, it's a quick job.Back to Magic: Cast superheat to level 55, subsequently cast High Alchemy to level 59. Fishing: Catch whatever fish you can in your level. Fl
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