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  1. If I was to have ability it would be the The Op-Op Fruit I believe it is a one of the most powerful ability in one piece you can switch a yonkos mind with one of his weaker followers, then kill him, you can cut straight through haki armor and teleport his enemy, you can probably win any fight just by teleporting a devil fruit users in to water. But if I was to choose ability it would be to manipulate time and space. Let me tell you why you can do all these: Space-Time Rift, Black Hole Creation, White Hole Creation, Dimensional Travel, Teleportation, Time Travel, Age Manipulation, Teleportation, Flash-Forward/backwards in time, Time Slicing and much more possibilities but I saved the best for last Empty Your Netflix/Anime Queue list, there’s never enough screen time. 😁👍🏻
  2. Clannad and after story This show has a very beautiful art style and animation is excellent. Music is phenomenal as all the openings and osts are beautiful. The story is very interesting and emotionally intense at the same time. But the ending is the only thing I have a problem with. According to me the ending could've been a lot better but apart from that the anime is really good. It doesn't matter which genre you prefer or not, if you haven't watched toradora, you're missing out on a lot and trust me, you won't regret watching it! It's one of the best animes ever created with a unique, heart-warming story and lovely characters. Nichijou what makes it stand out despite its ironically simplistic art style is the slice of life with its comedy is through the roof.
  3. Welcome to Miru subete! Hope you have a good time
  4. Agreed, I also ❤️ Danganronpa. It’s a series like no other, from the extraordinary art style, plot and lovable cast of characters. Danganronpa is truly a masterpiece. 100% recommend!
  5. My favorite manhwa/webtoon Solo leveling The Last Human / Moshi Fanren
  6. I play cod mobile I haven't played pubg mobile for a long time. I will definitely play with you guys once I download it time to get chicken dinner.
  7. We are nearing the closing point in the story they are taking on the top bosses now and getting closer to one piece but it’s still going to be a few years to solve everything. In fact there is a lot of plot devices still in play. There is going to be the reverly arc which is when a bunch of Kings and queens come together to hold a meeting with the world government. There is going to be the black beards vs the revolutionary army The all blue arc for sanji Zoro vs Hawkeye. And so on. There is a lot of arcs still to come up. I believe the reverly arc will be next and it might be a big one. It’s been hinted at for years and will bring back all of the royal family characters like vivi and King Neptune. There is also other story parts like that blind admiral who wants to get rid of the warlords and I believe dragon and sabo will show up to cause trouble. If dragon does show up there is a good chance that we will get a back story on luffy like why dragon left and what happened to luffy mother. Finally if he does show up more than likely it will lead to a war arc where all the kingdoms who luffy saved will ally with dragon and fight the world government. So my point is it’s going to be a long time till we finish we are at the point where we are building up to the end but that is still going to be a long time.
  8. I would choose Time Travel to go back and change things that went wrong or to travel to the future to see what would happen if you made a given choice. On top of that base usage, the variations and permutations of this power are near infinite in scope emulating super speed by jumping around in time, arming yourself with the right tools to go back and win a battle you previously lost, transporting your enemy to the end of time and then blinking back. You would be as unstoppable if you had the power to control time. There are, of course, drawbacks.
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