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  1. keep up the good work !
  2. awesome stuff mate keep up the good work!
  3. I have to say its still has a lot to cover before the can end it unless the just rush it which will be fine with me lol
  4. its been a year now finally I have got this far thanks everyone ! next goal is 5 years! lets go
  5. appericate that sorry I couldnt reply to your post so far its great and thanks for the wishes !
  6. Indeed this is really good keep up the good work!
  7. looks like fun thanks for sharing @Hush Child
  8. Awesome stuff @Hush Child
  9. watchall


    Looks good keep up the good work! @Hush Child
  10. Just like to say I am back to chat and all
  11. Really like what you did there keep up the good work!
  12. I should of invested in BTC I now know it has reach an incredible amount for 1 BTC other than that 2020 was a phase and 2021 still feels different in a way were its the same
  13. That's a great idea good luck
  14. Welcome to the website feel free to explore the awesomeness
  15. @Hush Child Hi Justus I have attached a welcome anime hope you like it 😃
  16. We have made some changes to the website and will add more things and fixes better background as well as 5 images to select from removed glowing text and font logo to improve load speeds added google tag manager and google analytics added staff directory. We will be working on the anime section and make it more neat application we are working to add > Trophies and medals are rewards for the users to be able to obtain from become more active on the website.
  17. Hi Mirusubeters today we have an interesting idea to include in the community we will be adding a review category and include electronics that we have been using and continue to use or upgrade from and would personally leave a detail opinion of the gadget. Let us know what you think. Thanks.
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