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    Katekyo Hitman Reborn, Lupin III, L/R, DOGS, Ninja Boy Sasuke ( Sarutobi Ninja Sasuke ), Dr. Slump and a butt-ton more.
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  1. Thank you and hi! Sorry I'm just now replying. Real life is a drag. Not much is up, unfortunately. The same old same old. : ) What about you?
  2. Thank you @anime4all and @Mirusubete! :,) I'm sure I will.
  3. Hello, hello! Its been a pretty long time since I've introduced myself on a forum ( haha ). I come from AnimeForum.com, my original stomping grounds back from when I was a wee lassie. This isn't my first time here on the site, but it is my first time as a registered member. I go by Esuriey, Tokémon or whatever other silly moniker people can come up with. The very first anime I watched was Dr. Slump, but the first one I sat through in its entirety is Ranma 1/2. Most memorable series I watched is probably a tie between Card Captors and Katekyo Hi
    This is one of the first animes I ever watched and its what got me hooked. CSS can be a little hard to follow if you aren't familiar with CLAMP's method of story telling and character development, but is overall a charming series. Its got pretty visuals and good continuity, so you don't feel like you're being tossed around story-wise. If you're not wanting to sit through a very long run, though, the books are a wonderful alternative. Just as pretty, well done and there are some parts that aren't shown in the anime itself.
    Azumanga, an anime full of your typical stereotypes and slice of life moments that surprisingly fit in well. I remember watching this series when I was younger and always got a kick out of it. Very funny and perfect for when you don't know what you want to watch. My only complaint is some of the music they use in the background, but it can be easily overlooked in favor of the wonderful seiyuus/VAs.
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