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    I absolutely loved this anime, and I grew up with this. The art style's unique, and anime's suitable for any age, children to adults. I was really happy when I found out that this anime was going to continue, to Atashinchi Shin.
  1. A humorous take on the day-to-day life of a "normal" Japanese family. The family in question is the Tachibanis, consisting of a housewife mom, a salary-man dad, and teenager siblings Yuusuke and Mikan.
  2. For all those people with life out there, what are some of your favourite plays/musicals? Mine are: 1. Dear Evan Hansen the Musical 2. Six the Musical 3. Hamilton the Musical 4. The Greatest Showman 5. Heathers the Musical Honourable mentions: Aida the Musical, Lion King the Musical, Aladdin the Musical, Les Misérables, Be More Chill the Musical, Mean Girls the Musical, Once the Musical, Miss Saigon the Musical, Rent the Musical
  3. ⚠⚠Warning, content talks about themes of suicide and bullying, and SPOILERS!!! ⚠⚠ . . In the anime fandom, there are many AUs (Alternative Universes), and a lot of them are quite interesting. Some of my favourite ones are: Villain Deku (MHA), Suicidal Deku (MHA), and Demon Tanjiro (Demon Slayer). All these AUs explore topics evolving around friendship, and betrayals (I'm a sucker for juicy drama and tearjerkers). In the Villain Deku AU, when Bakugo tells Midoriya to just jump of the roof in the very beginning of the anime/manga, Midoriya says, "You're right.", unlike the or
  4. Halloween is coming up! And you know what time it is, trick or treat! Halloween started around 2000 years ago, where the Celtic people would light bonfires and dress up to ward off ghosts. Then around the 9th Century, the influence of Christianity spread into the Celtic lands, and they tried to replace the day into where they would honour the deceased, which was something that was more related to Christianity, thus making it a church-sanctioned day for them. Then, they would dress up as saints, angles and devil, while the bonfire tradition is still on. Borrowing from European traditi
    The anime is very good overall. Unique concept, good art, great characters, and many more. The anime has a very cool story, but doesn't show too much plot, just some mind blowing brain twisters and stuff. I was really sad to know that the group that animated No Game No Life will not animate a sequel (basically season 2), but I was glad when I heard that another group will continue the anime, though I am not sure of this is a rumour, or really real. Overall, 4.5 out of 5, but I can't vote 4.5 lol so instead i put 5.
  5. Thx for joining my post and reply btw.
  6. Hi, I would like to apply for staff. I don't really have much experience, but I do like writing and anime, and I am quite interested in the role. I'm also very active as I keep all the things in the background (discord and this website) even while I work, and I try to be as active as I can on discord whenever I am able to. I also try to write one one post everyday on the website. I am quite loyal to the team, so I try my best to obey all rules, and help others follow the rules too. I am mostly interested in being a part of the team and making this website a place for everyone, also trying
  7. But I'm sure I can get it before we depart off to Japan. 🙌
  8. I bought this hoodie around 15 days ago, and it's coming rather slowly. I mean, 75 more day until it arrives. Yay!... It took them like 10 days just to take it to an airport, and it's been 5 days and somehow it's not in Australia yet. I mean, it's an 8 hour flight, but take them 5 days. I hope there wasn't some sort of typhoon of accident. Anyway, this hoodie is everywhere. I see it on ads everywhere, and I thought maybe I'll buy it, so I did. The reviews were quite good and most of them have quite high ratings, so I thought "why not". My sister says I'll regret buying this hoodie, but since i
  9. I would rather have master armament haki, then I can combat with a sword and cut everything 😛. However, if I can have any powers, I would have Zoan Devil fruit of Cerberus (i wanted the nine-tail fox but it's taken by Devon. I want nine tails over three heads lol) and all of the Haki. Conqueror's haki is not trainable tho, so maybe I can find the conqueror's haki slowly in me.
  10. Would you rather have the powers of: Paramecia Devil Fruit Zoan Devil Fruit Logia Devil Fruit Master Armament Haki Master Observation Haki Mediocre Conqueror's Haki
  11. Guys what are your favourite games? For me, it's the Danganronpa series. I also like Oxenfree, Your Turn To Die, Undertale, the Don't Escape series (especially game 4) and some random anime games. My favourite genres are drama, mystery/thriller (I don't like most horror), and a little bit of action (i don't like shooter games). What about you guys?
  12. How long have you guys watched anime? What was the first anime you've watch by yourself? I've been watching animes since when I was in grade 5 (aka 11 yo). Back then, it was quite embarrassing to watch anime and be into them, but there were some supporting friends who encouraged me to watch them, and I loved it. Now I still watch anime (i mean ofc otherwise why would I be here). My first anime was The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, which was a classic. My first anime series was One Piece, though I started watching it before I got into animes. What about u guys?
  13. Hush Child


    Roblox is a very unique game. It is more like a mass-server that features creation of people, rather than a simulation like MineCraft. A lot of people compare them and talk about the two games together when they are nothing alike. People say Roblox copied MineCraft, when roblox was created 7 years before MineCraft was. Sure, the mechanics and the sprites are similar, but they are quite different. The game is not bad overall, but it is only good if there are good games. There are, in fact, some quite good games on Roblox, all genres. Horror, mystery, action, simulations, and anime stuff. I
  14. I just want to do this for fun. I tried to include as many songs as possible but the max amount of choices is 20 lol. Just choose others if yours is not included lol.
  15. I just got into this fandom a little while ago, and it's great. The game is well written, with a great concept and story. I feel like the beginning could've been a little better, rather than jumping straight to a death. It is very similar to Danganronpa, which is why I really like this game (honestly I'm just a sucker for anime themed games that has killings and deaths and stuff). I don't really have much to say about this game, but I just thought I'd share my thoughts on this.
  16. Hush Child

    IPhone 12

    huh why is this in computers category lol, but it's up to u. If it was me, I wouldn't buy it, coz why should I? If you're looking for a new phone, get like a iphone 8 or 7, those are good enough. However, if ur like bill gates rich, then sureeeeeee go for it.
  17. Oda has confirmed the ending of One Piece, but he says that the anime will probably go on for at least another 5 years, though may extend to another 10 years. This means that One Piece is finally coming to an end (even though 5 years are technically still very long lol). Even though I honestly don't want One Piece to ever end, it should come to an end, and also should all animes. Without an ending, a story cannot be considered a story or adventure, but just an incomplete tale. However, should the series end earlier? Or should it keep on going, for another 20 years? Should it have ended a long
  18. Yes, Tokyo Ghoul. Definitely. I mean, honestly, pretty much all the mangas are better than their anime adaptations. The same goes for game to anime adaptations, such as danganronpa, the first game's anime wasn't really good honestly, but the game was op.
  19. Zudoari Chidoari Chiarikaki OMG THAT SOUNDS LIKE A TONGUE TWISTER I CANT
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