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  1. I believe so too. Having good grades doesn't always mean you'll have to something academic in the future though. For example, I had decent grades in high school, but I didn't settle for something really academic in the end. With an arty part-time job and learning to be a teacher, I don't think my grades really helped me that much. However, they always came in helpful some time, and I do not regret working hard in high school. Just saying that one does not have to stress too much about high school as that'll only make you unhappier.
  2. Yesterday was Christmas! And I would like to wish every one a Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays too! Before Christmas, everything including work and some personal issues have been weighing me down, but a short Christmas break has been great! I took some time off the things that would make me feel stressed or uneasy. Since the virus here is Melbourne has settled down, and we don't have any local cases anymore, I've been spending some time with my friends. We also celebrated Christmas early, and we will probably meet up again soon. This year has honestly been great for me. I got to spend everyday at home, without having to get outside. No one I knew personally got the virus, so it was a relief for me. I got more time to catch up with the anime I dropped, and I also got into a new fandom which is not my favourite fandom/series. You can try guess what it is judging on some of my past posts on this website 😛 What about everyone? Have this year been great to you? Did you have plans for Christmas? Any future plans?
  3. Hush Child

    Staff apply

    Hi, can you please elaborate on your application? Also the requirements were: 25000 exp points on discord server (basically lv 20 i think) and 100 content count. When you meet the requirements, feel free the choose between a moderator, manager, a helper or a contributor. In your application, we would like to see a detailed description, on why you like to be a staff, how you can support us by being a staff, and how often you can be online for. If you have anything else to add or if you want to brag, feel free😂, we want to hear those. Good luck on your future application when you meet the requirements! p.s. the best way to gain exp on server is to contantly play anigame or the bots we have on the server (that's how i got lv 20), and for content count, you can bribe muzza, fate and miru to give you points 😉.
  4. Wow that was amazing. I almost thought the first one was real 😂 My only suggestion would be to add a little more of attitude and action to these people as they are just standing there (I know this is probably intentional, but I think it'll look better if they had more expression. The first one can look angrier, coz he looks pretty happy at the moment. The second one's background kind of disturbs the whole artwork as it is too bright (I wouldn't recommend yellow for the background as it stands out too much, you can make it darker, warmer, or change it so something like pink or cyan). The second one also looks like he's just dead on the inside 😂, but otherwise I love your drawings! I hope to see more from you!
  5. haha no wasn't bothered to get more. Even if I did, my sisters would tease me. I can buy the hat pretty easily tho, and i got the pants (just regular jeans pretty easy haha)
  6. Yay~ My Trafalgar Law cosplay was delivered to my home yesterday, but it's washing so I haven't had a chance to try it on until now. It is overall good, just that it's a little small (asian size apparently, not australian...). As seen in the picture I got online, the hoodie is supposed to be big and loose, but it fits just right on me (maybe bc i'm too tall), and it's not loose at all; it's even a little hard putting it on... Idk if I should send the hoodie back and ask for a resend on a bigger hoodie, but I'm still happy. Now I have a cosplay to wear to the anime conventions next year! 😃💄
  7. I don't have much to say, just wish everyone here a happy halloween! Be safe, stay home (if still necessary in where u live), and be happy!
  8. Awesome! I get what you mean. As an artist, I can confirm it is way easier to draw realistically than in anime or cartoon style. The reason is because the anime style is considered "pretty", while more realistic art work is considered rough and way easier to make. One thing stays true though; anime art is way easier and less time consuming to make, unless it's like in danganronpa where they add texture to the characters in cutscenes and stuff. Good work! Hope to see more from you!
  9. There's only 10 days left till it's Halloween! So during this time, I would like talk a bit about some Halloween themed anime (coz we r all weebs). Halloween anime include some features such as demons, monsters, spirits and any other supernatural subjects (or can just be scary). Some great Halloween anime are Demon Slayer, Soul Eater, The Promised Neverland and B: The Beginning. Even though anime with monsters and supernatural events are automatically Halloween themed anime, it doesn't necessary have to be horror or thriller. For example, Demon Slayer. Demon Slayer has a little bit of thriller in it, but it is mainly adventure and action. Sometimes, an anime is not Halloween themed, but there are some scenes and arcs that have Halloween themes, such as Thriller Bark arc in One Piece. But overall some scares and some horror and thriller are quite good, even in comedy and slice of life anime, or so I believe.
    I absolutely loved this anime, and I grew up with this. The art style's unique, and anime's suitable for any age, children to adults. I was really happy when I found out that this anime was going to continue, to Atashinchi Shin.
  10. A humorous take on the day-to-day life of a "normal" Japanese family. The family in question is the Tachibanis, consisting of a housewife mom, a salary-man dad, and teenager siblings Yuusuke and Mikan.
  11. For all those people with life out there, what are some of your favourite plays/musicals? Mine are: 1. Dear Evan Hansen the Musical 2. Six the Musical 3. Hamilton the Musical 4. The Greatest Showman 5. Heathers the Musical Honourable mentions: Aida the Musical, Lion King the Musical, Aladdin the Musical, Les Misérables, Be More Chill the Musical, Mean Girls the Musical, Once the Musical, Miss Saigon the Musical, Rent the Musical
  12. ⚠⚠Warning, content talks about themes of suicide and bullying, and SPOILERS!!! ⚠⚠ . . In the anime fandom, there are many AUs (Alternative Universes), and a lot of them are quite interesting. Some of my favourite ones are: Villain Deku (MHA), Suicidal Deku (MHA), and Demon Tanjiro (Demon Slayer). All these AUs explore topics evolving around friendship, and betrayals (I'm a sucker for juicy drama and tearjerkers). In the Villain Deku AU, when Bakugo tells Midoriya to just jump of the roof in the very beginning of the anime/manga, Midoriya says, "You're right.", unlike the original story. He then jumps off the school rooftop, but doesn't die. Then, some members of League of Villains find his body and takes him to their hideout. When Midoriya wakes up, the League of Villains gives him an offer to join the League, and a quirk (from All for One, or is All for One). He then joins, and you can see him in all the scenes and battles involving League of Villains, such as U.S.J and Forest Training Camp. There is also an arc dedicated to him kidnapping Melissa. Then, he gets captured somehow, and is held in prison. His mother comes to visit him and tells him about his father and the pain they've both been through, then tells him that she'll always be by his side till the end, no matter what, even if he's become a villain. Midoriya then breaks out of prison, and goes back to the League, but since he heard what his mother told him, he couldn't stop grieving. In the end, he realises what he's done, and locks himself in a room with explosives, which were intended to blow up something the heroes value (such as UA academy or some sort of object), he attempts to save everyone, while Bakugo is outside the room, banging on the door, crying; then the explosive goes off and Midoriya dies. ;-; 😭😭 Then, in the Suicidal Deku AU, it starts off the same, with Bakugo telling Midoriya to jump (he did this in the end of the story section, making the readers think he successfully killed himself). However, this time, he is saved by normal people, and brought to the hospital. Then, Bakugo goes to the hospital some time after (probably after when Bakugo is attacked by the slime villain, as he is seen with a broken arm), and attempts to return the notebook he previously thrown out the window (also happens in anime/manga) to Midoriya, but Midoriya refuses, giving him a cold stare. Then after a while when they've both recovered, Bakugo attempts to give Midoriya the notebook again, but he once again refuses, shoving the notebook back to him, telling him that he had enough of this bullsh*t, and it hurts him that Bakugo only notices him after a suicide attempt. This also signals the end of the story, as Midoriya has lost the ambition to become an Hero anymore. ;-; 😭😭 Finally, the Demon Tanjiro AU. This one has spoilers for the manga. In the end of the story, when Muzan takes over Tanjiro to continue his legacy, Tanjiro isn't able to resist as Muzan is too strong. He then becomes a full demon that is immune to the sun, Then, the remaining surviving Demon Slayer Corps escape the scene. Only two Hashiras are still alive, and less than half of all the Demon Slayer Corps are still remaining. Then, when Tanjiro slowly regained consciousness and sanity, he started making people demons, like Muzan, and he made his own army of demons; while the Demon Slayer Corps were back to recuiting as much people as possible, and to train the people as hard as they can. Zenitsu and Inosuke are promoted to Hashiras, and many other people were as well. After a while, Tanjiro starts a battle, and attacks the Corps, and the Demon Sayer Corps fight back. At this point the whole world has learnt about the demons, and the Demon Slayer Corps became governmental recognised. In the end, Tanjiro sees his sister, and he either turns back into human, or he sacrifices himself (it depends on different interpretations by different people). ;-; 😭😭 Well I do realise I wrote a lot, but it was fun taking time off work writing these. I guess my high school years weren't wasted 😂😂 If you want to, tell me about some of your favourite AUs! You can make them up if you want to too!
  13. Halloween is coming up! And you know what time it is, trick or treat! Halloween started around 2000 years ago, where the Celtic people would light bonfires and dress up to ward off ghosts. Then around the 9th Century, the influence of Christianity spread into the Celtic lands, and they tried to replace the day into where they would honour the deceased, which was something that was more related to Christianity, thus making it a church-sanctioned day for them. Then, they would dress up as saints, angles and devil, while the bonfire tradition is still on. Borrowing from European traditions, Americans began to dress up in costumes and go house to house asking for food or money, a practice that eventually became today’s “trick-or-treat” tradition. Young women believed that on Halloween they could divine the name or appearance of their future husband by doing tricks with yarn, apple parings or mirrors. In the late 1800s, there was a move in America to mould Halloween into a holiday more about community and neighbourly get-togethers than about ghosts, pranks and witchcraft. At the turn of the century, Halloween parties for both children and adults became the most common way to celebrate the day. Parties focused on games, foods of the season and festive costumes. And slowly, over time, we now see this day as a little dress up nightmare before Christmas! And in the past, when people (especially children) went out trick or treating, they would ask for treats at other people's homes, and if they refused to treat, they would wreak havoc out side their house (but of course, it's pretty much illegal to do that now). On Halloween, we can dress up as our favourite anime characters (coz we be weebs), and it can be Halloween themed (such as Kiki's Delivery Service, Soul Eater, Demon Slayer...etc.). Do send pictures of you in a cosplay, and we can share our thoughts about it! But all in all, happy Halloween! And for those who don't celebrate Halloween like me, happy holidays and I wish you a merry Christmas!
    The anime is very good overall. Unique concept, good art, great characters, and many more. The anime has a very cool story, but doesn't show too much plot, just some mind blowing brain twisters and stuff. I was really sad to know that the group that animated No Game No Life will not animate a sequel (basically season 2), but I was glad when I heard that another group will continue the anime, though I am not sure of this is a rumour, or really real. Overall, 4.5 out of 5, but I can't vote 4.5 lol so instead i put 5.
  14. Thx for joining my post and reply btw.
  15. Hi, I would like to apply for staff. I don't really have much experience, but I do like writing and anime, and I am quite interested in the role. I'm also very active as I keep all the things in the background (discord and this website) even while I work, and I try to be as active as I can on discord whenever I am able to. I also try to write one one post everyday on the website. I am quite loyal to the team, so I try my best to obey all rules, and help others follow the rules too. I am mostly interested in being a part of the team and making this website a place for everyone, also trying to let everyone feel included and involved. As mentioned above, I am quite active and do try to be online as much as possible, so I can be a "guardian" on this website, trying my best to make everything be in place. I am also quite knowledgeable in many things, so I can be quite useful and helpful in conversations.
  16. But I'm sure I can get it before we depart off to Japan. 🙌
  17. I bought this hoodie around 15 days ago, and it's coming rather slowly. I mean, 75 more day until it arrives. Yay!... It took them like 10 days just to take it to an airport, and it's been 5 days and somehow it's not in Australia yet. I mean, it's an 8 hour flight, but take them 5 days. I hope there wasn't some sort of typhoon of accident. Anyway, this hoodie is everywhere. I see it on ads everywhere, and I thought maybe I'll buy it, so I did. The reviews were quite good and most of them have quite high ratings, so I thought "why not". My sister says I'll regret buying this hoodie, but since it's only $19 (After discounts and coupons from Honey), so there was nothing to lose. Even if I didn't like it, I can still feel the satisfaction of having the hoodie of my favourite anime character of all time lol. And he No. 1 Husbando you can't convince me otherwise.
  18. I would rather have master armament haki, then I can combat with a sword and cut everything 😛. However, if I can have any powers, I would have Zoan Devil fruit of Cerberus (i wanted the nine-tail fox but it's taken by Devon. I want nine tails over three heads lol) and all of the Haki. Conqueror's haki is not trainable tho, so maybe I can find the conqueror's haki slowly in me.
  19. Would you rather have the powers of: Paramecia Devil Fruit Zoan Devil Fruit Logia Devil Fruit Master Armament Haki Master Observation Haki Mediocre Conqueror's Haki
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