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  1. Additional post of 500 if you like, follow and watch out streams of call of duty mobile www.facebook.com/runeline
  2. Hi, For those who want to earn extra member points of 1000 go to https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAF35bMFOKMl9v-qu4gtDJQ subscribe to the channel and type your username to receive the points thanks.
  3. This is exactly what I thought will happen turns out the internet doesn't want you to see. It was difficult to locate this but here it is. Please share this around. YouTube has also removed their video so we will try to share this as much as possible. Credits/source: Spiro Skouras https://www.activistpost.com/2020/06/dr-andrew-kaufman-responds-to-reuters-fact-check-on-covid-19-vaccine-genetically-modifying-humans.html
  4. The great rest the world order https://youtu.be/X6pzXrEBqR0
  5. Also for those who want to watch my friend stream his Facebook.com/Runeline Ign kelaby Follow and add him thanks much love Cod mobile live Stream
  6. I have finally made it to stage 2 and we already started a squad time to win the 30 matches and proceed to the 3rd stage wish us luck Team Mirusubeters CodM Mobile Call of duty mobile Pubg
  7. Samsung & Apple wearable Are all good bunch of technology on your wrist I personally own the s3 frontier works really well and provides features ability to locate your phone via Bluetooth or if you have the one with sim you can wouldn't need to use the same phone.
  8. 2020 trending anime there is a list Darwin's Game No Guns Life The Disastrous Life of Saiki K: Reawakened Vinland Saga Fire Force My Hero Academia season 4 Blade of the Immortal Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  9. Guest are now allowed to post on any topic that would like.
  10. Coronavirus update: US researchers say COVID has mutated to become 'more infectious Researchers in Florida say they believe they have shown that the new coronavirus has mutated in a way that makes it more easily infect human cells. Credit: Getty
  11. Every Xbox Series X, PS5, Switch And PC Game That Just Got Announced June is looking to be a month for the gaming fans there's new games that are already been displayed on YouTube of the big companies stay tuned for the complete list.
  12. I wonder if this is real and if so would anyone buy this. They people have no customers going to the fast food franchises because of the pandemic they decided to create a console and advertise Kentucky Fried Chicken everyone forgot about them. KFC announce KFConsole to rival PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X
  13. Muzzafit


    Everyone knows 69 aka Tekashi is out and about but some don't know that his working with Akon on a remix of locked up some people are hating on Akon but he just doing what he do best. What y'all think?
  14. Muzzafit


    Recent update for PUBG offers ranked match with only real players instead of bots and you will have better chance on playing against players your similar rank. Some weapons, gears have been changed overall the update is large 15+ gigabytes well worth it. For those that do play add me Mirusubete.
  15. 4K televisions, plasma TVs, LCD TVs, 3D TVs and OLED TVs. LG Z9 OLED 8K TV Samsung Q6FN QLED TV LG Nano 90
  16. Best tablets and Apps below is a quick list not in order. We can start by suggestion the known brands .Apple .Microsoft .Samsung .Amazon Depends what you use them for the most reliable options listed above.
  17. Muzzafit

    Android Auto

    Multifunctional screen to install in your car highly recommend however most cars nowadays already have Android Auto works really and is compitable with all my apps like waze and I can speak to directly to it. Do check it out.
  18. Muzzafit

    IPhone 12

    Good news to all the Apple fans out there the new iPhone 12 will be out just like every year around September even with the Covid 19 pandemic Apple is planning to release it Mid September. 2020
  19. Muzzafit

    PlayStation 5

    Hi, It is time the new PlayStation 5 is revealed with the new controller, we are still waiting for the price some predict it will be 450 USD. PS5 All new Look
  20. The PS5’s Size Compared To The Xbox Series X, PS4 Pro And Xbox One X Predictions of what it may look like. (mage credits:[email protected])
  21. Over all top of the line. The best desktop PC: Dell XPS 8930 SE The best desktop for gaming: HP Omen Obelisk The best all-in-one desktop: Apple iMac 5K The best desktop for video editing: Adamant Professional PC The best desktop for students: Dell G5 Gaming Desktop The best compact desktop: Apple Mac Mini
  22. Muzzafit


    We decided to go with a similar concept that is more than technology and categorized it Individual. Hope you like it. also if anyone would like to suggest please feel free to leave a suggestion in the Feedback and suggestions thanks.
  23. Finally some news on gyms in my city they will reopen anytime fitness. 3 months without gym is going be long way back to getting in shape.
  24. Muzzafit


    Am a Samsung users and can't wait for the new note 20
  25. Ps5 is on its way!! Xbox series on its way

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