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  1. Welcome back 

  2. Hello Mirusubeters, In the near future I would like to start selling products and or virtual products or service on the community who here thinks its good idea and what can we sell please comment and let us know what would be helpful all funds will go towards keeping this community up inculding paying for domain, hosting cost and future upgrades thanks.,
  3. Thats cool, didnt really know about both emulators I will check them out, I use to use console emulators on PC playing old video games such as the first super smash bros thanks for sharing
  4. I will definitely have a chat with the team and we will decided together if we should promote you to moderator. thank you.
  5. Muzzafit


    Hi, awesome blog @Esuriey I haven’t been active as much great to see you contributing content on the forums. I will fix the discord link working.
  6. It seems like it’s a long day but at least it isn’t hard as a job that requires frequent moment and repeatedly to earn money than knowledge I personally advice you to do well in school to earn more than average and to have enough time to spend for things that matter like family.
  7. Being an apple user for the past week I kinda like my new phone coming from samsung the battery life seems to not drain as quick as my previous samsung galaxy note 10 plus and the S10 plus, there something about the apple devices their apps dont take up much battery ,
  8. How is everyone doing ?
  9. Awesome @Esuriey keep up the good work! ❤️
  10. Amazing work, keep up the good work!
  11. Cant wait for travel to be eased already when will the normal ever be normal ?
  12. We are so thankful for everyone who has supported Forums and helped us maintain the site uptime and further updates as well as the discord server in everyway possible I am so proud of everyone contributed some way and continue to do so, we would never have made it this far thank you once again, gratitude to you all!
  13. Congratulations @Hush Child we have accepted your staff application and promoted you to global moderator. thanks for taking the time to apply and welcome to the team!👍
  14. Allow 48-72 hours to see if you application is accepted thanks @Hush Child
  15. Welcome to the forums and Server @Shy not sure about your number ?
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