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  1. Nice, all you need is the hat and the pants for the whole set 😄
  2. anime4all


    Sounds like fun might check it out !
  3. welcome @pew pew🙂
  4. Cool blog man and happy Halloweeen and happy hoildays, merry Christmas to you too!😁
  5. Good stuff @Hush Child congratz!🎉🙂
  6. Good luck @Hush Child really active on the forums and on discord.
  7. anime4all

    IPhone 12

    Unfortunately I am not rich and I hate iPhone I've always owned a Samsung matter of fact the whole fam is using Samsung I find it much better than IPhone but many know the next new phone that is soon to be released is the iPhone 12 since we all seen the Samsung note 20 and the Samsung galaxy fold 2. That would be something I'll love to have if I were rich a foldable phone 🙂
  8. For me, Bleach. The show just didn’t have me hooked.
  9. anime4all

    IPhone 12

    Thew new apple iphone 12 any thoughts on this who will get the new iphone 12 is it worth the money ?
  10. Nicely explained tutoiral @Hush Child Thanks for inculding this 💯
  11. I also would like to apply to be staff as I have been long enough to know the members and the way to handle any situations because I have seen it happen before the server was huge.
  12. That is decent covers like 100 plus epsiodes 👌
  13. I must inculde this to my list once I finish the current ones🙂 thanks for sharing!
  14. Hi @Esuriey welcome to the server 🙂
  15. Yeah totally the anime does express of emotions, cant wait for the next season :D
  16. welcome to the community @Rosey ☺️
  17. New & Exciting Updates? Share them here with us! Today, Crunchyroll announced the date for the upcoming Dub of Demon Slayer! It will be releasing on Toonami October 12th for the Fall Anime Block! Sooo excited that it got enough traction to make it this far. Not only will we be getting a dub, but the future of this franchise looking good, such a success that it's going on cable TV.
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