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  1. welcome to the community @Rosey ☺️
  2. New & Exciting Updates? Share them here with us! Today, Crunchyroll announced the date for the upcoming Dub of Demon Slayer! It will be releasing on Toonami October 12th for the Fall Anime Block! Sooo excited that it got enough traction to make it this far. Not only will we be getting a dub, but the future of this franchise looking good, such a success that it's going on cable TV.
  3. Today marks the one year anniversary of Mr. Michael Lindsay's death and I wanted to pay tribute to him on here by remembering some of the work he has done in the past. So if you knew some anime series he was in and the character he voiced please list them here. Or If you have ever met him in real life either at a convention or outside of a convention please also share your stories of him. I've only ever started going to conventions last year so sadly I have never met Mr. Michael Lindsay in person but have grew up with some anime series that he was apart of. Ka
  4. Hi Everyone First, This will be my first post here, so hopefully this wont be a bad introduction to me I have a ridiculously bad selective memory :D Once I watched an anime, not sure if it was a film or a series (most probably a film), an it had that one moment where a girl and a guy have a conversation about what kind of weather they like. The both have the same answer (rain or cloudy something like that) and then they part ways and the girl just walk up to the sky . Does that ring a bell to any of you guys? This moment makes soooooo much impact on me and i wish
  5. Just a bit curious, are people watching anime subbed or dubbed? Personally I prefer subbed so that I can hear the Japanese as I watch the anime, and sometimes I’m able to learn a couple of phrases of Japanese as well. Ik a lot of people also prefer dubbed though it would be great if someone could explain why dubbed is so popular as well. ty 😀
  6. Spent 1 minute on this story. Don't expect much from my lazy ass.. There once was a very curious shapeshifting kitty whom loved playing with dangerous things. She was so evil that she had to be abandoned and put up for adoption. The pet shop's owner had the mischievous little demon returned to her countless times. *Is awaiting to be adopted by her new owner(s) with a grin on her face* Kitty's current mood:
  7. Hello friends! I see we don't have many traditional role playing threads up here yet so here goes! I'm used to people just jumping in and (provided they've read at least the last ten posts) adding to the story as they please! Please stay on plot topic, no trolling and have fun Setting: Present day, New York Character: Roselyn Age: 24 Appearance: Personality: scrappy, self reliant, compassionate, optimistic, too trusting, a gossip, crummy dresser, social, great programmer CHAPTER 1: Outbreak Rain pattered on the window of Rosel
  8. It's easy , just post some picture of whatever anime when you're bored ... i guess that gives you something to do... anything's fine .
  9. As stated in the title, try adding, exchanging, or removing 1 letter from the title of an anime to make it a bad title. For example: Dragon Balls
  10. I just wanted to share a few words that I have learned from watching anime for example miru subete. Miru means watch in Japanese language and subete means all or everything however if you add them together Mirusubete means see all I hope you guys find that helpful. let us know what you know from watching anime not in dubbed
  11. On certain conventions out of your local area (let's say Anime Expo in LA or Kawaii Kon in Honolulu), people would fly to anime conventions, in most cases as a passenger. I don't know what about pilots (from general aviation to airline transport pilots)?
  12. anime4all


    Hi does anyone know of this Manga I read the tranlation online, but I want to know what books the Author used to create this Manga. It's due to the simple fact I want to know more about Italy in this time period.
  13. Hello, I've started making a manga of my own, and I was wondering what were some tips for creating one? I already have some characters drawn here
  14. "The world isn't perfect. ... "We are all like fireworks: we climb, we shine and always go our separate ways and become further apart. ... "Fear is not evil. ... "Fear is freedom! ... "Religion, ideology, resources, land, spite, love or just because… ... “I want you to be happy. ... “Don't give up, there's no shame in falling down!
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