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  1. Bungie does make good games like Halo and Destiny 1, but they didn't do good on Destiny 2. It had so much potential and I don't find it as fun as the first Destiny.
  2. First Person shooter, though they did make it futuristic and advanced movement but they actually did good on it.
  3. I love Titanfall 2 and my favorite thing about it is that there is no dumb microtransactions and no pay to win dlc. its like a breath of fresh air!
  4. Hey my name is Zach and i'm happy to be here The first anime i watched was when i was young and it was Yu-Gi-Oh, it just always stood out to me since I also played the card game. I do play games too my favorite being Titanfall 2 and just recently i reached max level and unlocked everything and i'm new here on Mirusubete. Thank you for reading and i hope you have a good day! 🙂
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