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    Staff Apply

    Nice awesome, Welcome to the team!🥳 Congratulations
  2. Good luck on the delivery be sure to update when it arrives🥳
  3. Fate

    Staff Apply

    Nice application good luck @Hush Child
  4. This is interesting news regarding the anime I do hope that 10 years should conclude the anime it already holds the title for the longest ongoing anime but we will see what happens.
  5. Fate

    I'm shy

    Welcome! @Shy
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    Hi,🖐️ We have now purchased Cameo 3 White - Silhouette to allow our team to create and print OUR LOGO on Brand new Tshirts and Jumpers the colors we will be using would be Black T-Shirts/Jumpers and the vinyl is white, we will be hosting a giveaway soon! Any member can put in a request to purchase one now , message with what size our team will get back to you with more information on postage and handling fee Thank you all!✌️
  8. Hi, Some may notice our new Logo and favicon icon Thanks to @Muzzafit and @Hush Child for the team work now the website looks great👍
  9. be sure to include some anime,movies and tv series to watch
  10. Hi, If you still have the chance do grab it because it's a new anime not so old and really fun too watch in my opinion.
  11. The very greatest anime on the biggest streaming services around. Want to watch the best anime shows around? Have you watched everything already that's is not animation, this is the best time there has ever been to be an anime watcher. That's not to say anime is at its best in 2020 – rather, it's just easier and cheaper than ever to enjoy the best anime through dedicated streaming services like Netflix, Crunchyroll and Funimation Now. The days of expensive DVD releases and imports are over. All of the best anime is easy to watch. Every season Japan pumps out dozens of new anime, and
  12. check out new background theme scroll down and select any theme

  13. Covid 19 Aka Coronavirus disease want to know everyone's thoughts if that want to share feel free to comment below.
  14. Awesome anime, its actually one of the best!
  15. Theme has been updated we hope you like it, minor fixed with the background image will be taken place for the meantime enjoy!
  16. Hi, Zach welcome we are also happy that you joined, I love Yu-Gi-Oh and the card game I use to keep my deck it was like treasure but somehow I end up leaving them backyard of the house where I was playing one day when I was young i remember I woke up looking for my cards and they were soaked in water because of the rain and got really sad. anyways we cant wait to share our fandom and love of anime and gaming.
  17. Hi, Welcome to the community @{Ace Studoiz} we are grateful for your kindness.
  18. Hi Mirusubeters, The team and I have decided to move to self hosted instead of cloud based because of this we will be having some downtime of the website this will happen between 4th to 7th of March for the website to kick in again we will be having a backup of the full website, the reason for this is because we are constantly having Members and guest that visit the website which was over the cloud based limit and the plan was lifted to $130 USD which is crazy, and we don't want to give up on the awesome community because the love we have for anime we came up with the conclusion to purcha
  19. Welcome @Anna Kushina hopefully you enjoy your stay here, glad to have you as our moderator and good luck on making friends.
  20. Fate


    Driving and saw this amazing graffiti
  21. There are so many great anime of the past that have their own charm, but watching them alongside newer anime may dim their shine, and cause their glory to slip away into the depths of the past. Some anime that could benefit from a reboot in my opinion would be those that either have a messed up or unfinished story (deviated from the manga) or those with severely outdated color and graphics. Some of my favorites that need a remake are Rurouni Kenshin, and Inuyasha, which could benefit greatly from an updated look, and I believe could become popular anime once again, as they were in t
  22. Anime Database Request This thread is where you can request anime to be added to the WA Anime Database! Prior to now, the general public was allowed to add anime, however this was rather messy when it comes to duplicate posts and general quality control! As such, after checking the database first, you may simply request to have an anime added via this thread, and an Anime Curator will get to it!
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