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    Hi this is Cure Nightcore speaking, I wanted to ask this question: If you were a anime super hero and wanted to save the world from villains, what super power would you have and why? To me I would like to have a super power: Devil Control of Darkness because that power is like the strongest one ever and you have to pick someone who is blind then you have to go up to him or her and whisper in his or her ear to have their eye color change. Then you have to control them to help you out in battle.
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    That would be cool super power to have, my super power is what ever I touch I can absorb into that way my defence would be powerful to fight against any villains and be the strongest super hero.
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    I would choose Time Travel to go back and change things that went wrong or to travel to the future to see what would happen if you made a given choice. On top of that base usage, the variations and permutations of this power are near infinite in scope emulating super speed by jumping around in time, arming yourself with the right tools to go back and win a battle you previously lost, transporting your enemy to the end of time and then blinking back. You would be as unstoppable if you had the power to control time. There are, of course, drawbacks.
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    Prize pool share of 1 million USD to register for the competition for World Championships Step 1. Download and install call of duty mobile It's on for both Android and Apple. App store and play store. Step 2. Create account or link any social. Step 3. Reach level 10 to be able to play Ranked match. Step 4. Locate ranked match then click world championships click register then next 10 matches are towards qualify you need 80 points. Good luck for the qualifiers. is to qualify for the tournament, it is something Activision decides to host. This year and the reward is a prize of 1mUSD. I will update this thread when I come across new information stay safe everyone.


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