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    Hey my name is Zach and i'm happy to be here The first anime i watched was when i was young and it was Yu-Gi-Oh, it just always stood out to me since I also played the card game. I do play games too my favorite being Titanfall 2 and just recently i reached max level and unlocked everything and i'm new here on Mirusubete. Thank you for reading and i hope you have a good day! 🙂
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    im here to help the community and just be apart of it, let me know if you have questions 🙂
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    welcome @Boneless Pizza I watched Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh when I was young but what got me back on anime was naruto and one piece.
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    welcome to the forum. hope that you have fun here. the stars will lie with you.
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    Welcome. I have seen the whole series!
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    Hi, Zach welcome we are also happy that you joined, I love Yu-Gi-Oh and the card game I use to keep my deck it was like treasure but somehow I end up leaving them backyard of the house where I was playing one day when I was young i remember I woke up looking for my cards and they were soaked in water because of the rain and got really sad. anyways we cant wait to share our fandom and love of anime and gaming.
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    Hi, migration successful wanted to announce that we have finally moved to our own hosting platform, we apologies for the inconvenience.
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    Hello, everyone I love to create animated cartoon as a explainer videos for my client's. Want to know what is best free apps or software to create high level animation/ animated video. Please share your idea with me guys.....
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    We are working on upgrading the theme for better viewing experience.
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    Hi this is Cure Nightcore speaking, I wanted to ask this question: If you were a anime super hero and wanted to save the world from villains, what super power would you have and why? To me I would like to have a super power: Devil Control of Darkness because that power is like the strongest one ever and you have to pick someone who is blind then you have to go up to him or her and whisper in his or her ear to have their eye color change. Then you have to control them to help you out in battle.
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    That would be cool super power to have, my super power is what ever I touch I can absorb into that way my defence would be powerful to fight against any villains and be the strongest super hero.
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    hi everyone this is anna kushina(from the k project) speaking, I just changed my name from anna kushina to cure nightcore. don't worry I am still me.
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    Hey everyone Anna Kushina here(From k project), I want to ask you this question. What is your favorite anime character? it could be your own anime character that you created or drew or from an anime show. AAHHHHHH! I can't wait to see what characters are your favorite!!! (Sorry overreacted lol) Sincerely, Anna Kushina P.S. Should we have a drawing contest soon? if so then..... LET ME HOST IT PLEASE!!
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    belated welcome to the forum. hope that you have fun here. the stars will lie with you
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    Theme has been updated we hope you like it, minor fixed with the background image will be taken place for the meantime enjoy!
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    @Anna Kushina would love to have a drawing contest with yall. 😊
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    @Boneless Pizza Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here 🙂 used to always play Yu-Gi-Oh with my friends XD I miss those days. Favourite cards were Obelisk the Tormentor, Blue Eyes White Dragon.
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    I love Titanfall 2 and my favorite thing about it is that there is no dumb microtransactions and no pay to win dlc. its like a breath of fresh air!
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    Bungie does make good games like Halo and Destiny 1, but they didn't do good on Destiny 2. It had so much potential and I don't find it as fun as the first Destiny.
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    First Person shooter, though they did make it futuristic and advanced movement but they actually did good on it.
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    welcome @{Ace Studoiz} You are awesome. By the way your username is so cool!😂
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    Hi, Welcome to the community @{Ace Studoiz} we are grateful for your kindness.
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    Annual study shows sixth straight year of revenue growth and historical first in media format preference. Anime has never been more popular than it is right now, and that goes for both inside Japan as well as abroad. With digital distribution making it easy to watch new content whenever you want and easily catch up on missed episodes, plus an unprecedented number of slickly organized fan appreciation events and theatrical screenings, the medium of Japanese animation is in the middle of its biggest, loudest boom ever, and the industry has the numbers to show it. reference soranews24
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    Hello everyone, this is Anna Kushina speaking (From K Project) Today I will be hosting a drawing contest called St. Patrick's Day anime. (Of course it will be so much fun) You can start drawing now or later, it's up to you. The drawing contest will end in either March 29, 2020 or April 13, 2020. Please don't rush on your art work. You can take your time. After you are done, you can post your artwork here (You can send in 1 or 2 of your drawings), then I will come back here and see which one I can pick to be top 1,2, and 3. Then I will pick the honorable drawings. I also need mod or admin or VIP user to help out in this contest: like awards. Then I will put you artwork in the drawing gallery, but only once this contest is finished. Have fun drawing Sincerely, Anna Kushina Remember deadline ends in March 29 or April 13. Don't rush just take your time.
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    Yes absolutely host it. 👍🖍✏🖌
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    I like this topic. My favourite characters is Asta and Izuku Midoriya.
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    Mine would have to be Naruto Uzumaki, why? Because it was my first anime that lead me to contuine exploring anime thanks to Naruto ❤❤ My vote is yours to host the drawing contest. Good luck
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    Do not advertise with the link/url as the header you will be banned
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    This was my second anime and it still remains on my number 2 best animes in history. Pretty much a must watch anime.
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    This show is hands down a top ten . It has everything. Feels, action, humor, and a magic-like central theme. It's a good watch or re-watch.


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