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  6. Muzza


    Covid 19 Aka- also know as Coronavirus disease want to know everyone's thoughts if that want to share feel free to comment below.
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    Check this anime out do recommend
  8. Hello and welcome to the community, may I know how you find this community to know how we can contuine to use those methods to attract more members who are interstead as well we appreciate it a lot.
  9. Welcome to the forum. Hope that you have fun here. The stars will lie with you.
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  11. Hello, everyone I love to create animated cartoon as a explainer videos for my client's. Want to know what is best free apps or software to create high level animation/ animated video. Please share your idea with me guys.....
  12. Hello, I am Alisa, Please make a comment and add me as friend. Please reply this post with your welcome massage guys!!! Love to play with coding and online games. What is yours?
  13. Ali

    Upgrading theme

    So far so good love the theme!
  14. That would be cool super power to have, my super power is what ever I touch I can absorb into that way my defence would be powerful to fight against any villains and be the strongest super hero.
  15. Hi this is Cure Nightcore speaking, I wanted to ask this question: If you were a anime super hero and wanted to save the world from villains, what super power would you have and why? To me I would like to have a super power: Devil Control of Darkness because that power is like the strongest one ever and you have to pick someone who is blind then you have to go up to him or her and whisper in his or her ear to have their eye color change. Then you have to control them to help you out in battle.
  16. hi everyone this is anna kushina(from the k project) speaking, I just changed my name from anna kushina to cure nightcore. don't worry I am still me.
  17. I already made the topic in contest tab page. you still have a lot of time so no rushing please. you can only put either 1 or two drawings in and that's it. have fun
  18. belated welcome to the forum. hope that you have fun here. the stars will lie with you
  19. Awesome anime, its actually one of the best!
  20. Muzza

    Upgrading theme

    Theme has been updated we hope you like it, minor fixed with the background image will be taken place for the meantime enjoy!
  21. @Anna Kushina would love to have a drawing contest with yall. 😊
  22. @Boneless Pizza Welcome to the forums, hope you enjoy it here 🙂 used to always play Yu-Gi-Oh with my friends XD I miss those days. Favourite cards were Obelisk the Tormentor, Blue Eyes White Dragon.
  23. I really gotta say: DAMN this game deserves it, I clocked 200+ hours on Xbox and within the first few weeks of me getting a PC I bought it and got to enjoy the whole game over again. Whenever you get a little bored playing the multiplayer(Which isn't often) you can play a wave-based mode against AI called Frontier Defense, or you can play the campaign again. I stated playing the campaign so much that I thought it was worth starting to speed run it. 10/10
    Nice anime
  24. welcome to the forum. hope that you have fun here. the stars will lie with you.
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