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  2. It seems like it’s a long day but at least it isn’t hard as a job that requires frequent moment and repeatedly to earn money than knowledge I personally advice you to do well in school to earn more than average and to have enough time to spend for things that matter like family.
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  4. I know it has been 3 months now but WHY DO WE NEED NEW SUBJECTS, does school really matter... (well it does to my mom so what can i really do) i hate it ;~;.. I have to stay sit for 6 freaking hours i hate it. Do you (yes you the person reading this) do you like school?
  5. Being an apple user for the past week I kinda like my new phone coming from samsung the battery life seems to not drain as quick as my previous samsung galaxy note 10 plus and the S10 plus, there something about the apple devices their apps dont take up much batter,
  6. How is everyone doing ?
  7. play genshin, draw genshin. I am in genshin hell. 

  8. And I can also go back and play those matches and use the money that I spent on this game. This is a wholly new app, without the capacity to return and play this year and spend the money I spent cash on. Can you whine when they stop updating and providing you with new items to Mut 21 coins in the previous games? Therefore, while it's possible to spend your money nevertheless, why weren't you spending on the very same things as it was the current version? If this wasn't likely to happen this season, more than 6 months notice would have been nice. People have been stockpiling their own MC as the
  9. Hey. Everyone differs. Is there really a"right" way to kill something? In my view, just hit them with your best weapon and equipment, while fostering! But then again, I have never killed one. Just cancel what is toughest and/or what annoys you. Why maintain a task that's slow? I'd cancel Black demons. Heard these are poor. Kalphites are quick and will get you a few quick slayer points. Not necessarily slayer experience, but nevertheless, it's a quick job.Back to Magic: Cast superheat to level 55, subsequently cast High Alchemy to level 59. Fishing: Catch whatever fish you can in your level. Fl
  10. Thank you both, lol! There's a lot of qualms I have with these pieces, now that I look back at them and as my own harshest critic, I'd probably can them if they weren't already slapped all over my social media accounts. I need to do more studies, I think, but I've got plenty of time for that in the new year! Also, Merry Xmas to you guys if you celebrate!
  11. Awesome @Esuriey keep up the good work! ❤️
  12. Yesterday was Christmas! And I would like to wish every one a Merry Christmas! And Happy Holidays too! Before Christmas, everything including work and some personal issues have been weighing me down, but a short Christmas break has been great! I took some time off the things that would make me feel stressed or uneasy. Since the virus here is Melbourne has settled down, and we don't have any local cases anymore, I've been spending some time with my friends. We also celebrated Christmas early, and we will probably meet up again soon. This year has honestly been great for me. I got to s
  13. Hush Child

    Staff apply

    Hi, can you please elaborate on your application? Also the requirements were: 25000 exp points on discord server (basically lv 20 i think) and 100 content count. When you meet the requirements, feel free the choose between a moderator, manager, a helper or a contributor. In your application, we would like to see a detailed description, on why you like to be a staff, how you can support us by being a staff, and how often you can be online for. If you have anything else to add or if you want to brag, feel free😂, we want to hear those. Good luck on your future application when you meet the requir
  14. Wow that was amazing. I almost thought the first one was real 😂 My only suggestion would be to add a little more of attitude and action to these people as they are just standing there (I know this is probably intentional, but I think it'll look better if they had more expression. The first one can look angrier, coz he looks pretty happy at the moment. The second one's background kind of disturbs the whole artwork as it is too bright (I wouldn't recommend yellow for the background as it stands out too much, you can make it darker, warmer, or change it so something like pink or cyan). The s
  15. haha no wasn't bothered to get more. Even if I did, my sisters would tease me. I can buy the hat pretty easily tho, and i got the pants (just regular jeans pretty easy haha)
  16. Just as an update; all of my art related social media pages should only be followed if you are 18+. There will occasionally be borderline NSFW content of different varieties. ( This is relatively new, but I'm venturing into.. well, new territory and thought I'd offer a warning, in advance ). Some of the stuff will be violence related ( blood, gore, injuries in general ), others more in-the-bedroom-behind-closed-doors related ( naked butts, things like that ). When I'm more comfortable with the particular style I've picked up, I'll be offering commissions for interested parties. More information will be provided in the future. 

  17. Hey, this is rad! Its always hard to find cosplay items ( clothing, props or otherwise ) of decent quality, so its always nice when you get a gem. :,) Since this post was put up a while ago, have you gotten any other parts to the outfit, yet?
  18. Jai

    Staff apply

    I will follow all rules even though I already do I will help staff and members and other people and welcome people and have manners and not be rude I will advertise the server
  19. Man, do I feel awkward posting two topics in a row. Even if they are over a month apart. I thought I'd post a couple of things I've recently finished, since drawing is about all I've done. I quit with the blogging thing, so art has taken up most of my non-existent schedule. Yeah,I'm working on the whole posing thing. I swear I am. >_>; Exhibit A is Johann Chu / Zihang Chu ( Dragon Raja ) and Exhibit B is Zhongli ( Genshin Impact ). On a side note: I wish more people posted their art here, I'd love to see what everyone else is working on or has finished up.
  20. Sorry I'm not the most active! I'm getting back into the swing of things. I've had some work to catch up on and commissions to complete. :, )

  21. Nice, all you need is the hat and the pants for the whole set 😄
  22. Amazing work, keep up the good work!
  23. Cant wait for travel to be eased already when will the normal ever be normal ?
  24. Pretty neat, I'd have to admit money well spent! Looks really good!
  25. PM me for my discord or check my 'About Me' section. I finally rejoined and I'm going to do my best to be active. Also, mods, I did attempt to join the server for this site -- the invite link is invalid. :[ 

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