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  2. Here is Another one for.Me and one of my friends were sitting' at home watching TV and smoking some pot (as usual when my parents weren't at home). After an hour somebody knock on the door,my friend looks at me really seriously so i start to laugh because of the look at his face and he asks "Who is it ? " and they answer "The cops." and this is when he said "What an relief" and he replies to them "What do u want?" and the say "We wanna talk to u for a sec." The next my stupid, stupid friend says "How many of u are out there?" Instead of going there and open the freaking door he kept asking them questions! Here is the part that really Cracked me up i swear i never though that anybody would say something like that! So he asked the how many of u are there, right and they say Its two of us, why , and he says with a smile on his face, a really weird smile to WHY DON'T U TALK TO EACH OTHER THEN!, HE SAYS ......TO THE COPS! I swear i was laughing so hard that blacked out this is one of the funniest things that's ever happened to me and my friend . I say one of ... because there are more stories involving cops
  3. Anyway we 've had some crazy adventures picking up bud. it seems to be that we mainly pick up from hungry jacks in different towns from different dudes. we talk some crazy conspiracies and always get into some funny shit. paranoid of the cops as most people are.And the craziest thing is that we all believe that weed is the best thing there is, well weed & music and the two things blend together too epicly. But there is this mind level that stoners have and the sort of dreamy feeling like everythings a dream (everythings funnier on the weed i always say) and we both feel like we have the same level minded feeling like we are the only ones that exist or we are in a dream but no one else seems to give away those kind of vibes. i guess thats why we are best brothers and both love listening to epic music and funny as fuck stoner songs all day and night till we pass out then get up for work in the morning.We al know about the munchies, we always give into them and go to hungry jacks and maccas, once we ordered 3 family boxes. I could go on forever but i will end it here. Enjoy the music and weed people.
  4. One of my first times smoking me and my boys decide to hot box it in the driveway because one of our friends' parents were sleeping. Obviously it gets smokey as fuck and we're all making fun of each other. After about 10 minuites we all start getting paranoid as fuck that someone is watching the car. So we turn it on and just drive it around the block a little bit. Somehow we get lost and end up parking in this guy's yard just to smoke some more. Every time a car would drive by we freaked and then went back to smoking. Shit, that weed made everything funny that night. We ended up at Perkins with a shitty waitress who told us to get our own ketchup. We tipped her $0 on a $50

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