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Discuss anything you find fascinating in any series/movies (anime + non-anime) you are watching or have completed. Question or discuss the views presented in the series. And if you have any recommendations for tv series, anime and movies
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  2. How long have you guys watched anime? What was the first anime you've watch by yourself? I've been watching animes since when I was in grade 5 (aka 11 yo). Back then, it was quite embarrassing to watch anime and be into them, but there were some supporting friends who encouraged me to watch them, and I loved it. Now I still watch anime (i mean ofc otherwise why would I be here). My first anime was The Girl Who Leapt Through Time, which was a classic. My first anime series was One Piece, though I started watching it before I got into animes. What about u guys?
  3. New dreams, new hopes, new experiences, and new anime, wishing you all good things in this new year! Have fun, joy, peace, love, care, luck and success Happy New Years to All.

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