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So I thought it appropriate to start a blog. I think it'd be easier than creating posts at random and it'd better allow me to collect my mind's ramblings.

I was a blogger for a little while and maintained one to keep up with daily life, minimalism/essentialism, art, film and other random subjects inbetween. Thankfully, I'm not really going to write about any of that here. I'll probably post about whatever's big on my twitter feed or look to crowdsource info on animes, movies. 

That said, this post is going to stay short. I'll write more when my brain has, well, more to regurgitate. 



I suppose I should hang my head in shame for how little I post here on this forum, but I'm trying to be active when I can be. I know said forum has a discord.. but alas, that link is very broken. 

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Hi, awesome blog @Esuriey

 I haven’t been active as much great to see you contributing content on the forums. 

I will fix the discord link working.


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Hey, thank ya! I try to be active where I can, these days. 🙂 It easier since I'm currently working from home!


I'll keep an eye out! 

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